Our recommendations are trail tested, worn, and loved.

A Special Note about Shoes for Nomad Life

Shoes for nomad life can be a challenge. You need versatility, comfort, durability and lightweightness. Afterall, if we can bring 4 pairs of shoes, we would. But we limit our shoes to two pair a piece. Here is a brief sampling of the shoes we’ve worn during our nomad life. We haven’t found the perfect pair, but all of these have achieved our criteria above. And, whenever possible, we only get our shoes from REI due to their outstanding return policy. If we can’t get to an REI, we often buy directly from Keen. Click on each shoe for a direct link to its specs.

Our Complete Packing List for Nomad Life

Almost everything we use is available in our Amazon store.

Our Beloved Carry-On Bags

Both Steve and Chris use the same carry-on bag, which we review in the video below. We use the Osprey Transporter 40 Wheeled. Click on the image for a direct link to the bag’s specs.

We review our luggage and share our secrets for how we pack light.

Nomad Life Books Written by Experts

The prequel to Retiring as Full-Time Nomads, Chris and Steve take on the challenge and the logistics of hiking all 50 states in 24 months. Can they fine-tune their logistics chops before starting their nomad life and leave the USA possibly forever? Get your copy today.

The “Nomad Bible” for all nomads who are thinking of launching their nomad life. Filled with to-do lists, worksheets, and real-live timelines, this action-filled workbook will catapult you into your nomad life. And it has a bit of a love story thrown in.

A newly married couple and their young daughter set off the go around the world in 30 days on Round the World (RTW) tickets. What magic do they uncover as they engage with the world?

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Here are all of Chris’ books for sale