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 Early Retired Nomad Couple Traveling the World Full Time

We are Chris and Steve at EatWalkLearn. We are a full-time traveling couple experience the world in our nomad life style. Join us as we embrace our early retirement, adventuring through the world, eating vegan meals and hiking fun trails as full-time travelers. We live a nomadic lifestyle, house sit wonderful pets, and add adventure to our lives daily. You will find us moving about as slowmads, often staying one month at a time in locations around the world as we travel about.
Let us inspire your nomadic lifestyle or your next adventure.

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Do you need inspiration for where to go as you travel the world? Do you have questions about what a nomad life is? Do you need help or inspiration for how to get rid of all your stuff? Or how you’ll tell your family that you want to travel full-time? Do you have questions about how to spend 24/7 as couple travel? Or solo travel? What about housesitting? Would you like to travel the world and take care of people’s pets and home, getting your accommodations for free? Live your best nomad life by clicking the buttons below and exploring our site. Thank you. Join us on Youtube each Sunday at 5 pm ET.

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