you nomad life starts here

Your Nomad Life Starts Here.

We’re Chris and Steve of EatWalkLearn.

We left our corporate jobs, retired early, sold everything (and we mean every thing!), packed our two carry-on bags and hit the road. We’ve been traveling fulltime since May 2021 when we left our home in Denver, Colorado, USA.

  • We are a full-time traveling couple experiencing the world in our nomad life style.
  • We embrace our early retirement, adventuring through the world, eating healthy meals and hiking moderate trails as full-time travelers.
  • We live a nomadic lifestyle, house sit wonderful pets, enjoy plant-based foods, and add adventure to our lives daily.

You will find us moving about as slowmads, often staying one month at a time in locations around the world as we travel the globe.

Nomad Life Videos Weekly

We have an entire playlist about starting your nomad life. Click here to start the playlist.

Nomad Life Books

Chris has six best-selling books including the number one book on nomad life, the number one book on hiking in Denver, the and the number one book on hiking adventures in the USA. You can get all of these books on Amazon or through their publishers. Don’t miss the nomad life bible and best-selling book, Two Carry-Ons and a Plan: Retiring Early as Full-time Nomads.

list of best selling books by chris englert
Great Nomad Life books to help you get started.