Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffle 40 Review After 2 Years of Use!

As with any new product, it’s easy to write a positive review once you use it the first time. With luggage, this is particularly true. But I put my Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel 40 to the test for two years, and here’s my Osprey carry-on luggage review. I first saw the bag in a store in Kuala Lumpur, tried it there, and then purchased it right away. I have loved Osprey because of the way the company supports the outdoor and hiking community by creating sustainable products and that they have a lifetime guarantee. Are Osprey bags worth it? Here’s the truth on whether Osprey carry-on bags are worth the money.

Here’s the first trip I took with my Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffle 40. Look at how shiny and new ir is!

As a full-time traveler who lives a nomad life traveling the world, I expect a lot out of my luggage. I’m carry-on only. Everything I own is in my Osprey and my day pack. I own nothing else. So having a bag that I can count on to protect all of my stuff is crucial. This lightweight, waterproof bag fits in the overhead bin for US flights with no problem. It also fits in international overhead bins, too, as its dimensions are approved for airlines around the world. Since my first day with my Osprey, I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, USA, all over Europe, Australia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, and Mexico. I have flown over 30 airlines with no problems with my bag.

The Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel 40. Perfect Size!

This Osprey Transporter is the perfect size for the carry-on only traveler. My Transporter is 40 litres and its dimensions are 11.02H X 14.17W X 23.62D IN or 28H X 36W X 60D CM. It weighs just under 6 pounds, or 2.7 kilograms. American airlines allow for 28H X 36W X 60D CM (check the airline to confirm) and international airlines allow for similar. I’ve always been able to fit my bag due to size, but weight is another issue. With American airlines I can easily get on with my 11 kg (24 lbs), but on the cheap airlines in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe, it’s the weight that’s always the issue, not the size.

I used to have the Eagle Creek Load Warrior, which I also loved. But its zipper started to go, and when I saw that the Osprey was a litre bigger in capacity but an inch smaller and it was waterproof, I jumped at getting it. Here’s a picture of my old Eagle Creek and my husband’s Timbuk2.

eagle creek and topo bag
I used to carry an Eagle Creek and Steve carried a Timbuk2. We loved these bags, but they wore out too soon They were too big for international carry-ons, too.

Packing Lists for Full-time Travelers (Women and Men!)

I fit my entire wardrobe in my Osprey Transporter except for what I wear on the plane (pants, top, trail runners, bra, undies, zippered hoodie), which includes this packing list for a full-time traveler: 2 Long Pants, 6 Shorts, 1 Skort, 1 Bathing Suit, 10 T-Shirts, 4 Long Sleeve Shirts, 1 Long Sleeve lightweight “dressy” jacket, 1 Dress, 3 Dressier short sleeve shirts, 6 Underwear, 1 Bra, 2 Socks, 2 Hats, 1 Chaco walking sandals, 1 Raincoat, 1 Multi-functional wrap. You can watch this video to see how I pack the bag with my special bundling method.

osprey wheeled transporter duffle and daypack
The Osprey Transporter is a big bigger than a backpack.

My husband also has the same Osprey Transporter. Mine is turquoise, his is gray. Here is a man’s packing list for a full-time traveler and what Steve packs: 2 Long Pants, 3 Hiking Shorts, 2 Swim Shorts, 6 T-Shirts, 1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt, 4 Button Down Short Sleeve Shirts, 6 Underwear, 2 Socks, 3 Hats, 1 Hiking Sandals, 1 Lightweight Running Shoes, 1 Water Shoes, 1 Zipper Jacket, 1 Raincoat, 7 underwear. On the plane, he wears a pair of pants, a button-down shirt, boxers, and his trail runners.

This video demonstrates the Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffle 40 and how we pack it, including our entire packing lists.

Two Wheeled or Four Wheeled Carry-on Bags

I love the Osprey because it’s two wheeled. The wheels are large, durable, sturdy, don’t stick out, and go everywhere. Although in an airport, it’d be nice to have 4 wheels to navigate all the people and the long corridors to the gates, in the real world, 4 wheels are a nuisance and unreliable. Every 4 wheeled bag I’ve seen has wobbly, weak, and breakable wheels. I laugh to think how they break off when they go through the luggage carousels as checked bags or when they are rolled down cobblestone streets. The sidewalks in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America are generally bumpy, broken, and rough. 4 wheeled bags don’t stand a chance. The Osprey’s wheels have navigated everything we’ve thrown at the bags.

side view osprey wheel
Side view of the Osprey wheel after two years.

Besides the fantastic wheels, the collapsible handle, zipper, and handles are all excellent. I love how I can put the bag up in the overhead either wheels or collapsible-handle first, and there’s a handy way to pull the bag out at the end of the trip. The zippers with their pulls sit inside the track, allowing the material of the bag to enclose the zipper. I have tugged and pulled the zippers closed easily when I’ve overpacked the bag, and the Osprey just takes it in stride.

wheels of osprey
The two wheels of the Osprey after two years

Inside the bag, the compression straps pull my wardrobe in tight. I don’t bother with overpriced and ridiculous packing cubes that take up weight and space. By making a bundle with all my clothes (watch the video), I put the entire bundle into the bag, pull the straps, add my toiletry bag, and zip. I’m ready to go.

inside of osprey
Here’s the inside of the Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel 40. This is my husband gray bag.

The exterior material is recycled polyester with a water-shedding layer that has kept my Osprey and its contents dry. I’ve actually sat in the plane and watched it get drenched while waiting to be loaded on the plane in Southeast Asia. With nothing that I could do except laugh, when I finally retrieved it from the baggage claim, everything in the bag was dry. I wiped down the outside and off I went.

Durable, Reliable, Sturdy

a dirty osprey bag
After 30 flights, 9 cruises, 150+ hotel rooms, and hundreds of miles being lugged, this is what my Osprey looks like now.

After traveling literally around the world, circumnavigating it once, and I’m now half way around the world again, the reasons I purchased this Osprey Transporter have played out over and over again. Nothing has broken. The wheels continue to roll in a circle; they haven’t misaligned. The zippers, especially with their rain flap covers, have stayed fluid and easy to pull. I continue to be amazed at what I can squeeze into the bag. I would buy it over and over again. By the way, the Transporter comes in larger sizes, but those won’t be carry-on.

osprey zipper with rain flap
The Osprey zipper with rain flap is durable and zips easily.

Is Osprey a Good Brand?

I have had dozens of Osprey products over the years, including their stellar backpacks. My favorite backpack of all time is the Osprey Sirrus 36. I used that for years and hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail with that bag. When I decided to travel the world full-time, I gave it to a friend so she could hike the PCT, and I gave away my other Ospreys to my hiking friends in Denver. It’s fun to think that all my gear is hiking the mountains of Denver every day! Everything I’ve ever owned by Osprey has maintained its shape and durability. I’ve never had to get anything repaired.

I need a new daypack as the Patagonia pack in the picture above is just too big. I’m eyeing the smaller Osprey Daylite. It comes in a cute pattern which would go nicely with my Transporter. With room for my computer and my water bottle, I’m thinking I’ll go and order that right now! Osprey is worth it.

When Will I Order Again?

Yes, I would buy my Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel 40 again. It looks like the newer model doesn’t have the corner snaps on it. That’s an improvement! As I get ready to head to Europe for the summer, I’m excited my Transporter will be coming with me. I’ll let you know how it survives the cobblestones of Europe again and whether or not I get another black mark across the front from Ryan Air. Either way, we’ll just keep rolling with our Ospreys.