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Hiking and Travel Comfort – KÜHL Men’s Pants Review

Getting a pair of KÜHL pants was an important decision for me because I’m a full-time traveler with very limited luggage space.  I only own 3 pairs of pants, and I absolutely need light weight, comfort and durability.  I can’t spare to have a pair of pants hanging in the closet; they have to be durable and functional for hiking and other activities while also being comfortable enough to wear on long plane flights. For context, I am a 63-year old male, and wear size 36 waist pants with a 32 inseam. 

I was a little surprised when my lovely wife, Chris, told me that KÜHL was sending each of us a pair of pants to try.  I’ve always wanted to own a pair of KÜHL pants, because they’re known for high quality and comfort.  One of my current pairs of pants is starting to show wear and needs to be replaced.  If I get something new, then something else has to go!

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kuhl pants pockets
Lots of great pockets in my Kuhl pants

KÜHL Renegade Pant in the Klassik fit has many useful pockets

Function and Comfort in My KÜHL Renegades

I’m kinda a geek about pockets.  I like extra pockets to carry all the essentials for a traveler;

  • my cell phone,
  • reading glasses,
  • a handkerchief,
  • some cash and credit cards,
  • my passport on travel days,
  • tourist maps
  • a pen.

I don’t carry a wallet (nor a murse), mainly because the sadists who design traditional men’s pants put pockets in the back where people sit, literally creating a pain in the ass.  Instead, I keep the essentials (drivers license, credit card, and cash) in my front pocket. Ideally, the front pocket has a zipper or something to secure the contents inside. Keeping my valuables in my front pocket is infinitely more comfortable for me, and it has also deterred pickpockets on at least one occasion.  

When I first got the KÜHL Renegade Pant in the Klassik fit I was impressed with the functional pockets, including an easy-to-use cell phone pocket on each hip. I love the hook-and-loop fastener on the back pockets (yes, back pockets on the right and left!) and two zippered front pockets (yes!) in addition to the normal front pockets you expect to find on any pants. The zippered pockets in the front are perfect for me to keep my cash and credit cards, keeping them safe in a comfortable spot that doesn’t dig into me when I sit down. 

kuhl belt loop
The non-pleat flat front

Washing KÜHL Pants Makes a Difference

Trying my KÜHL on for the first time, the pants felt very comfortable, with the feel of quality construction and durability. But I have to say that at first I wasn’t impressed with the waistband. I actually hated and told Chris to return the pants. It seemed a little too rigid, and I wasn’t sure how they would feel after a long travel day. I decided to wash them to see if they’d soften up. And sure enough, they did! The rigidness of the waistband went away, and now I can say they are extremely comfortable. They have durable high-tech, quality feel to the fabric that makes them functional for any type of hiking or outdoor activity, including disc golf! Plus they are comfortable and lightweight for long travel days on planes and trains. 

kuhl button
The comfy button and waistband

Lightweight Comfort and Durability

I have now worn my KÜHL Renegade Pant in the Klassik fit on long travel days across the US and Europe, hiking along the coast of the Puget Sound, playing disc golf in Greenland, and relaxing around the house on a rainy day.  In each situation, they have performed well. Lightweight and functional for the hiking trail, plus comfort for long days in a cramped airplane, or just relaxing on the sofa with a good book. I recommend KÜHL Renegade Pant in the Klassik fit (but wash them first!)

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