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Women’s Travel and Hiking Pants–KÜHL Product Review. When Jeans Won’t Do For Travel

The KÜHL waistband has many features that lead to comfort.

When jeans won’t do; what pants should you wear on an international flight or even a domestic flight? And if you’re a nomad traveling full-time, this question is even more complicated to answer. Traveling nomads who lack the luxury of space in a suitcase (especially if you’re carry-on only like me), won’t ever pack jeans, either. Jeans are heavy, hot, bulky and take up lots of space. So when you’re traveling light (see video on how to pack light), and you want to be comfortable, what should you wear on an international flight?

My rule is, the longer the flight, the longer and more comfortable the pants.

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When Jeans Won’t Do

KÜHL, pronounce “cool” makes a super pair of pants for travel.

Only carrying one bag demands that all items be light-weight and versatile. Always on the search for the perfect pair of travel pants, I was thrilled when KÜHL reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out their Kontour Straight pants. I was looking for a nice, comfortable pair of pants that would act like jeans but be lighter weight, multi-functional and more stylish than jeans. Afterall, nothing says American tourist like a pair of jeans. As a full-time traveler, I try my best to blend in as much as I can. So I ordered a pair of the KÜHL Kontour Straight pants in Metal Blue in size 8, regular. I’m 160 pounds and 5’4″.

The straight fit on the KÜHL pants actually fit my big calves!

The pants came in the mail shortly after ordering. Not having tried them on in the store, I had relied on the KÜHL product reviews to determine my size. Opening the cardboard envelope, I found a pair of pants neatly sealed in plastic and a few stickers. The tag said Super Stretch, which intrigued me. I tried them on.

Trying on KÜHL Travel Pants for Women

At first I was a bit leery about pulling them over my thick calves and my curvy bottom, wondering if I had ordered too small a size. But they cleared my booty, and I easily buttoned them. The soft material stretched just enough to make the fit more comfy, but not too much to strain the seams.

The whole KÜHL waistband is designed for comfort and movement.

On the inside of the waistband near the button, I found two strings. These little engineering feats were designed to be pulled to secure the fit of the waist. Being smaller through my waist and bigger through my hips, I’ve often found that jeans won’t fit my waist, and they bulk out in the back. This was pleasantly not the case with my KÜHL pants. I pulled the strings and they cinched the waist up comfortably, eliminating the typical bump in the back. In addition, the waistband has a higher cut in the back, something KÜHL calls the KÜHLkurve. I loved it; my panties’ waistband didn’t pop up, and I don’t have to wear a belt to secure the pants.

Once I figured out how to use the secret features of the KÜHL waistband, I was hooked.

The first place I wore then pants was in Maine on Peaks Island. A slight fog dampened the air, and the moisture wicking kept my legs nice and dry while I hunted for sea glass.

KÜHL Pants from Disc Course to Dinner Table

I do have to say, though, the second time I wore them I was playing disc golf in Greenland in the rain. I got drenched; so, they may wick moisture but they certainly weren’t waterproof (which I didn’t expect.) The third place I wore them was on the cruise to dinner. They created a nice outfit with a casual sweater, and I fit in nicely with the evening dress casual crowd. As a nomad, it’s difficult to find one piece of clothing that will work in a variety of ways. To be able to go from the disc golf course to the dinner table in the same pair of pants is a nice benefit.

The third time I wore them, after they had been washed and dried twice, I flew from New York to Seattle via Chicago. Generally I like to wear pants with a drawstring waistband when I travel, but I decided to give the KÜHLs a try. They had been so comfortable up to this point, I figured a cross-country flight would put them to the test. The pants performed perfectly. I’d wiggle and jiggle in my seat, and then I had to walk swiftly through Chicago Midway to catch my quick connection, and the pants kept up with me. I was comfortable the entire day despite a small airplane seat and quick steps through the airport.

I liked the well-appointed hemmed leg.

Size and Weight Matter in Travel Pants

Being someone who carry-ons her suitcase, I am super wary of weight and size. So whenever I can save a few inches (cms) or ounces (grams), I am trilled. I decided to compare the size of my rolled up KÜHL pants versus a pair of rolled up jeans from my sister. Using the same rolling method for both pairs of pants, the KÜHL rolled up tighter by almost 3 cms or about an inch. The KÜHL were also about 4 oz lighter or 113 grams.

KÜHL on the left, Lee jeans on the right.
KÜHL size
Lee jean size

Relaxing in My KÜHL Pants

I loved the fit, comfort and look of my KÜHL Kontours, and I’d absolutely buy them in several colors if I had room in my bag! An added bonus is the cute trim around the five pockets, which I think makes their style stand out just a bit more above other similar products. Next time you see me in transit on an international flight or playing disc golf in 50 degrees, see if I’m wearing my KÜHL pants. KÜHL pants are great for flying, traveling, dining, or even just lounging around at the outdoor concert.

Taking in a little Van Morrison cover band at an afternoon festival in Seattle.

Do you have one pair of pants that can do what jeans do, but better? I loved that I could play, dine, relax, travel and sport in my KÜHL pants. What do you wear when you need a pair of pants in your travel life?

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