Where Do You Want to Be Near in Moscow?

In order to get our Russian Visas for our Round the World (RTW) trip, we must be able to tell the Kremlin where we are staying. That’s a bit creepy to me, but I bet the US does the same thing to Visa requesters here. Regardless, we must have an idea of what we want to do back in the old USSR in order to book our accommodations. With the weather expected to be in the 50’s, I think we have many choices. Thus, I went on a search in finding an affordable place to stay in Moscow.

Great Guidebooks Are Essential

As a well-traveled adventurist, I really on three resources consistently. Of course, I google and research online the heck out of our destinations (resource 1: Google), but my go-to to define the infrastructure of my trips is always the DK Top 10 Eyewitness Guides (Resource 2). Although I love several travel book series, including the Rough Guides, nothing beats the DK guides for succinct, accurate, and reliable information. Since I am a drop-in, do-quick traveler, the DKs are perfect.

Great Apps Are Even Better

My third resource is TripAdvisor. An unbeatable honest resource, I have changed my mind many times due to reviews, both pro and con, about where to visit or stay. Recently, they’ve added the ability to download particular city guides to your phone, enabling you to access content offline. This will be super handy in Beijing and Moscow. Thank you TripAdvisor!

Howza, Moscow Is Expensive!

But back to Moscow. My DK lists the top 10 must-dos in Moscow, and then digs into detail about each item on the Top Ten. We most definitely will do The Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum, and  St Basil’s Cathedral among other things. So after researching Moscow enough to determine that we want to be central to the Kremlin, I tried to find a suitable hotel for the three of us. Goodness gracious, get out your rubles. Not only did we not even have enough Marriott points to stay in the linen closet of the bathroom, we couldn’t even afford the local Holiday Inn.

AirBnB to the Rescue, Again

Enter AirBnB, my new favorite website and app. Here, we were able to locate a complete 2-bedroom flat on the subway line in a nice neighborhood. Take a look at where we are staying! And for $800 for six nights, that’s a deal! So glad we had luck finding an affordable place to stay in Moscow.



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