How to Walk in the Rain Safely

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Should you walk in the rain? Is it safe to walk in the rain? Where should you walk when it’s raining? Are there tips for walking in the rain? Yes to all of these questions about walking in the rain!

As colder temperatures start returning across the U.S., so will our seasons’ precipitation of rain, sleet, snow, and the hundreds of other nouns we use for the wet stuff. Regardless of the wetness, each type of precipitation takes a certain level of ingenuity and bravado. Be it a summer rain, a winter rain, a fall rain, or a good spring rain, any type of rain is a good rain to walk in.

So let’s focus on walking in the rain.

Getting out to walk in the rain is still a great way to connect and enjoy the outdoors. Walking in the rain is actually really enjoyable if you’re properly clothed and thinking ahead. Here are a few tips for walking in the rain, comfortably and safely.

How to Be Comfortable while Walking in the Rain

shoesWhen it’s raining, of course you want to stay dry. Carrying an umbrella can be difficult, hard on the shoulders, and downright ineffective. So, ditch your umbrella and replace it with good, waterproof shoes and a great outer layer. I have tried almost the entire line of waterproof shoes from both Keen and Merrell Outdoors.

My current rain, wet-weather shoe is the Merrell Capra. This shoe is good for slippery surfaces and keeps my feet snug warm and bone dry.

My favorite rain jacket for light to medium rain with mild temperatures is the Marmot PreCip jacket. I have raved about this jacket all over my blog for its versatility, fit, and weatherproofing.

For heavier rains or colder temperatures, I like the Columbia Alpine Action Omni-Heat Jacket. The secret to keeping your head dry is a storm hood. Regardless of the jacket you pick, make sure the hood fits snugly, can be adjusted, and attaches snugly to the jacket.

How to Be Safe while Walking in the Rain

wiperWhen walking in the rain, the key safety issue is visibility and the ability for people to react to your presence. Drivers must manage dirty windshields, slippery conditions, and flooded swales.

In addition to the general lack of attention many drivers have due to phones, radios, food and cigarettes, add the weather and, as a walker, you’ve got additional danger on your hands. Therefore, here are a few tips to safe walking in the rain.

Tips to Walk Safely in the Rain

  1. Don’t try to rush a cross walk. If you approach the crosswalk and the walking meter is halfway counted, wait until the next opportunity.
  2. Rather than crossing in the middle of the street, walk the extra half a block and cross at the intersection.
  3. Anticipate that drivers don’t see you and be a defensive walker.
  4. Stand back from curbs to keep drivers from splashing you with run-off.
  5. Don’t be afraid to wear a waterproof headlamp either on your head or strapped to your arm.

Walking in the rain is some of the most fun and adventurous walking. It’s almost my second most favorite time to walk. The truth is, you won’t melt, you might jump in some puddles, and you’ll never know what the rain might float your way. Yes, it’s safe to walk in the rain as long as you are prepared and follow the tips above. Next time the rain falls, ensure that you’re walking in the rain, comfortably and safely.

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