Google’s Project Fi in China and in Denver

I just returned from a trip to China where I could easily use Facebook, Instagram and Google in China without any blockage and with complete access. In addition, I had complete ability to call and text at any time. When was the last time you loved your cell phone service? I did all of this with Google’s Project Fi, which was just renamed to Google Fi.

Since this post, I have been to Chile, New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia, Easter Island, and Canada. I love Google Fi and I love my Pixel 3. Keep reading.

Works with Facebook

Here’s how it works. First, you must have a Google Fi compatible phone. I dumped my Samsung S6 for a Pixel 3. I then dumped Verizon for Google Fi. Both were fabulous decisions I don’t regret. I then signed up for Google Fi (previously Project Fi), and I’ve never been happier.

My cell phone service in Denver, throughout the US, in Canada, and now in China has been impeccable. Voice is clear. Text messages go through without any delay. And I can access all of my apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Gmail. How did it work in China?

Cell Service Is Exceptional

As long as I was using CELL service via Project Fi (Google Fi), it worked beautifully. The minute I switched to WIFI, I was blocked on several apps and websites. Yes, it costs me. But it costs me the standard Google Fi rates. $20 per line/$15 each additional plus $10 per gig of data.

Project Fi Versus Verizon

With all my Facebook Lives, photo uploads, video uploads via Instagram and Boomerang, I used two gig for 10 days, costing me $20 for basically all the international data I could use. On the other hand, my husband was on his Samsung S9 with Verizon’s TravelPass and was having a horrible experience. He couldn’t access apps, WIFI was inconsistent, and he could never get on Facebook regardless of what he did. He couldn’t get his texts either. Every time he suffered, I had access. In a Verizon vs Google Fi contest, Fi won every time.

Many blogs and reviews have been written about the Pixel 3 camera, so I won’t go on and on here. But I will say that the photos I produced were top notch, and the compliments on Instagram came pouring in like never before. All of the shots here in this post were done with my Pixel 3, no editing, no filters.

Switch to Google Fi

If you’re wondering how you’ll get online while traveling internationally and especially while in China, Google’s Project Fi (now Google Fi) with a Pixel 3 is the hands-down best option for great access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail, Twitter and more. Plus, the price is right (cheaper than Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint) and the camera is amazing. You can get a $25 credit with my referral. (If it says it’s timed out, just let me know, and I’ll send you another referral link.)