5 Unusual Things to Do on Peaks Island

(note: this article was Summer 2020.)

5 unusual things to do on peak's island

Ask the local Mainers, and theyll tell you that there’s only one thing to do on Peaks Island (find sea glass), but I found 5 unusual things to do on Peaks Island, Maine. Peaks Island is a short ferry ride out of Portland, Maine, on the Casco Bay ferry system. In the summer you can ferry your car, your self or your bike to the island, but really you only need your feet. Mainers go to Peaks Island to collect sea glass, but here’s 5 unusual things I did on Peaks Island.

In the summer of 2020, COVID has hit the island and hard. Everyone has new restrictions and guidelines, so be sure to check all of these vendors sites just to be sure you’re being safe. And by the way, Peaks Island’s main tourist season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Be sure to check all hours before heading over for the day.

1. Rent a golf cart and tour the island.

5 unusual things to do on peak's island

Once you disembark from the ferry, head straight up the street and take a left at the ice cream store. Just down on the left, you should see Mike sitting in a folding chair renting golf carts. It’s best to make a reservation, as his cheap rates at $70/2 hours sell out all summer. If you don’t have a reservation, he’ll put you on a wait list and call you on your cell if you’re around. Download the printable map of where to go, or Mike can give you a copy.

In the summer of 2020, Mike was not accepting same-day reservations. So plan ahead and double-check his website.

2. If Mike’s carts are sold out, get yourself a bike.

5 unusual things to do on peak's island

A ride around the island will only take you about an hour. Get on over to Brad’s Island Bike and Rentals. He has all types of bikes, helmets and gear, and he’ll set you back around $10. He’s got maps, too, so get a fleet of wheels and enjoy the island.

The best thing to do on Peaks is just below.

3. After your cruise around the island, you must, must, must stop in the world’s only Umbrella Cover Museum.


Nancy, the proprietor with a genuine love for the mundane, shines through her dead-pan personality as she offers up a tour of her Guinness Book of World Record’s collection of umbrella covers. Win a Prize! See the Royal covers! Experience the International collection! And if you sing on tune to the umbrella cover theme song while she plays her accordion, you get to see the Sexy Covers! and the X-Rated Covers! The museum is free, but there is a very cute and small gift shop of the most umbrella earrings you’ll ever see in one place. I paid $15 for an overpriced pair, but the price was well worth Nancy’s lovely entertainment.

In the summer of 2020, the Museum went outdoors. Be sure to check the website for hours and location.

4. Hunt for sea glass, see the tides, and discover more blue than you’ll ever imagine. 5 unusual things to do on peak's island

After enjoying Nancy’s collection, go down to the beach and walk the tide line. You’ll find the well-known sea glass, but if the tide is out, you might even stumble upon some low tide pools. In addition, you’ll see millions and millions of pieces of broken mussel shells. They make the most beautiful collage of blues you’ve ever seen.

5. If you’ve brought your bathing suit, head back up to the pier and jump off.

5 unusual things to do on peak's island

Depending on the tide, you might enjoy a thrilling jump of 25 feet into the chilly Casco Bay. The water is deep enough to catch your fall, and there are no less than 5 ladders on the pier to climb yourself up. Go ahead, act like a teenager and jump in. After walking around the island, you’ll find the chilly water refreshing.

So that’s 5 unusual things to do on Peaks Island. What did you find to do?

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