Hello Fellow Wanderlusters

Below is the first blog post I ever wrote. At the time, EatWalkLearn was called Chris & Steve’s Love, Chocolate and Wine World Tour. Times, they have a’changed. I married the boyfriend, retired from Pearson, and launched EatWalkLearn full time.

I’ve now added up fifty-five countries, many of which are blogged here, and my next adventure will take me to South America. I have become a published author, a recognized speaker, and a trusted guide. I launched a second blog, www.DenverByFoot.com, and I’m on social media everywhere as @eatwalklearn and @denverbyfoot. I tell stories about my travels, provide trip hints, and discover great vegetarian/pescatarian eats. People join me on my walking vacations.

Thank you everyone for the adventure and support. Enjoy my first blog post below. It’s kinda cute. 🙂

~See you on the trail,


Blame It on Grandmother

It’s all Grandmother’s fault.

It’s my Grandmother’s fault. Or it might even be my Great Grandmother’s fault. But regardless, I’m at least a third-generation Wanderluster who finds sitting still too boring and the world too amazing.

As a kid, my parents dragged my sister and I through the United States in the back seat of the Car du Jour. With the middle line drawn on the seat with yarn, my sister looked to the right, I looked to the left, and together we learned to love traveling.

By the time I reached college, I had enjoyed thirty-seven united states. After college, the number climbed to forty-seven, and I picked up the last three in my mid-twenties. Add in seventeen countries and I’ve just about totaled my destinations. Time, money and priorities hampered travel for a while, but never again.

Now, work sandwiches my travel time to a few weeks each summer. No worries, I’ll make the best of it! Next stop is western Eastern Europe. As I plan for this trip, I will blog my thoughts, ask for tips from my friends, and put together a fabulous memory. My boyfriend, no travel neophyte himself, will join me on this adventure. Thus, Chris and Steve’s Love, Chocolate and Wine World Tour begins. Please come join us!

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