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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Liverpool is often The Beatles. For good reason. But Liverpool is loaded with fun and unusual things to do, and it’s my favorite city in the United Kingdom to walk. It even beats out Edinburgh and London! Here are five unusual things to do in Liverpool by foot, which is the best way to enjoy Liverpool–by walking!

Five Unusual Things to Do in Liverpool

walking liverpool eatwalklearn

  1. Look up Prince Albert’s nose. In front of St George Hall is a statue of Prince Albert on a horse, and you can look upwards to his nostrils. This, actually, is not what you should do here. But it is a great place to start a walk in Liverpool, and it will set you up for item number two.walking liverpool eatwalklearn
  2. Find the Cyclops in the Woods. Just to the right of St George Hall is the central library. As you enter the library, there is a tiled floor into the entry with titles of famous books. A red letter is highlighted randomly on each line. Being clever, you can spell out the red letters and discover the reference to “Cyclops in the Wood.” Enter the library and chat with a librarian. She’ll tell you to go to the Oak Room near the Picton Reading Room (another must visit!) to see the referenced book, The Genus Crocusby George Maw (1886), on the shelf. This is a brilliant way to get folks into the historic room and increase interest in its collections.walking liverpool
  3. View pages from the original Audubon, Birds of America. When you enter the Oak Room, you can find Cyclops on the shelf. But you’ll also find a bullet proof glass case. Inside is one of the original volumes (of six) of Audubon’s catalog of birds. Each day, the library turns the page, inviting patrons back to view that day’s bird. Don’t miss this amazing art and international treasure.walking liverpool eatwalklearn
  4. Find Lucy. Once you’ve had your fill of the library, which for me–I could have spent the entire day–head to the famous Mathew Street. Here you’ll find many famous Beatles’ sites, including the original bar where they played (The Cavern Club), a statue of teen-age John Lennon, and even a great 4-piece Beatles statue within Cavern Walks (the original location of the Cavern Club). But what’s coolest about this location is right under, er above your nose! Look up, and you’ll see a grid of lights strung over the street. Although most folks think this is just ambient lighting, it’s actually public art and called, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”walking liverpool eatwalklearn
  5. Learn about the slave trade. On Albert Dock, you’ll get lots of Beatle juice. Be sure to stop in the Beatles Story for the experience, which is worth the money, albeit small. Seeing John Lennon’s glasses is worth the price alone.
  6. But after you’re all Beatle’d out, do not miss the International Slavery Museum.  It’s free and should be $100! Not only extremely compelling and thought provoking, you’ll leave remembering what you learned about the Slave trade many months later. I still can’t get over that the Americans only controlled 2% of the total slave trade. Wow.

Enjoy Walking Liverpool

There are hundreds of things to do in Liverpool, and it’s a city worth a few days of your time. But if you only have one day, do the above five unusual things to do in Liverpool, and you’ll have a jolly time. What will you do?


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