Visiting Arcosanti in the Middle of the Arizona Foothills

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The Welcome sign at Arcosanti


In order to understand Arcosanti, it’s best to describe what it isn’t, rather than what it is. Yes, Arcosanti is worth the visit.

It’s not a commune. But it is a community.

It’s not urban. But it is a city.

It’s not an artist retreat. But many artists live there.

It’s not economically focused. But it does vend products.

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The famous Arcosanti bells are made here

35 Years of Optimism at Arcosanti

I’ve been going to Arcosanti for over 35 years. Arcosanti is still there over 50 years later. My first several visits were as field trips in high school while attending my alma mater, its closest neighbor, The Orme School. Back in the 80s, as we toured this architectural lab of the future, the guides used terms like “we will”, “vision”, and “the future.”

They still do.

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Arcosanti architecture is unique

Paulo Soleri, the mastermind behind this city that blends with its environment in a concept called, “Arcology,” thought his vision of how urban planners, architects and humans should build their cities to sustain life would be fulfilled, perhaps, in his lifetime. Whether or not visiting Arcosanti will play out Soleri’s vision, who died a few years ago, the local residents keep existing, building, and living in a city in the foothills of Arizona, in the middle of nowhere.

Simple, yet Advanced

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Wander around the Arcosanti campus

I stayed two nights at Arcosanti in their visitor dorms. A small, simple room with two twins, a toilet, a shower, and a sink, the views into the mesas and high desert re-kilned my soul. The sunrise views of florescent pink and the nighttime views of milky ways would enrapture anyone. Embracing Soleri’s vision is easy if the outcome is clarity of mind.

Things to do at Arcosanti. Take the Arcosanti Tour

In order to get a room at Arcosanti, you’ll need to find it at Airbnb by searching on the location of “Mayer.” The Arcosanti Airbnb is totally worth it. You can also call them directly. Although Airbnb said they were sold out, my phone call turned up a room for $50 a night for 2, including breakfast. They also have a “Star Room” which has a windowed ceiling from which to gaze from your bedroom for only $100 a night. But whether you get the Star Room or one of the simple dorm rooms, the stay is enchanting.

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Take a workshop at Arcosanti

Tours go every hour on the hour from 10-4, but not at noon. Catch a delicious vegetarian-focused lunch from 12-1:30 in the café. Or, if you would rather go for a hike while awaiting the tour, by all means. Around the south side of the café (ask a local) is a visitor’s trail. The path goes down into the canyon and up the side of a mesa to a cool awning to catch some shade. It then continues to the top of a mesa, offering incredible high desert views and panoramic scenes of Arcosanti. I recommend doing this hike before the tour, as it will give perspective during the tour. It’s a great to visit Arcosanti and understand how it lays out in the desert.

Arcosanti Bells, Bells, Bells

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Arcosanti bells come in many shapes

Whether or not you do the hike at Arcosanti, most definitely do the free tour. A $10 donation is suggested and well worth it. The tour is not long in length, but can be long in time. Depending on your guide and the length of his or her residence at Arcosanti, you could be in for a real history lesson. But regardless of your guide, you’ll learn how the clay and metal wind bells are made, how the economy at Arcosanti succeeds, and the secrets to becoming a resident should you decide a longer stay calls you. You’ll also learn how the giant arch asps were made, why beams stick out for future expansion, and who is coming in concert.

The Arcosanti domes

Experiencing Arcosanti leaves you wondering exactly what you just witnessed. All I know is that for almost 35 years, I find myself drawn to it. I need to see what changes have happened and what plans have come to fruition. It’s an odd place. But endearing. When you go, plan at least 3 hours. When you finish, be sure to buy a bell. Will you visit Arcosanti soon?

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