Auraria Urban Hiking Denver

Auraria Urban Hiking–Where Denver Politics Began Many folks know Auraria as the home to three college campuses or as the site of the original Denver. But the one common denominator that pulls together this neighborhood would be the rise and fall of political agendas. For this Denver Neighborhood walk, we took on an urban hike… Continue Reading Auraria Urban Hiking Denver

Review PokeCity

Review PokeCity I have a new favorite fast, casual Denver restaurant, PokeCity. With tons of fresh fish, delicious topics, and a plethora of crunch and taste, this Hawaiian-style rice bowl place takes a California sushi roll out of for a roller coaster ride. Here’s my yummy review PokeCity Denver. Take note, although I focus on… Continue Reading Review PokeCity

Athmar Park Urban Hiking Denver

Athmar Park Urban Hiking Denver Quaint and Quiet Athmar Park Tucked away in the southwest corner of Denver sits a quaint neighborhood subtly making its way into the 21st century, Athmar Park. Founded by two developers who annexed smaller neighborhoods into Athmar Park, and named after their wives by using the first couple letters of… Continue Reading Athmar Park Urban Hiking Denver

Benefit from Cabo Time Share

Save Money in Cabo through Time Share Presentation If you’re getting ready to go to Cabo San Lucas, you’ve heard it from everyone–run as fast as you can from the Time Share Hawkers. But I’m here to tell you, they’re your friends, and you can benefit from them. Here’s how to benefit from Cabo Time… Continue Reading Benefit from Cabo Time Share