Trip Reports

Besides random travels, sometimes Chris adventures on particular trips. Right now, she’s taking on all 50 US States with one hike in each state. Search below and follow at #50hikes50states.


What was it like to live with 46 international Millennials and Gen Xers as they traveled for four months throughout Latin America, working and living for a month in each country? Chris gives the inside scoop of her 4-month adventure with Remote Year.

Round the World

Thinking about going round the world? Chris’ family took 30 days and circumnavigated the globe. How’d a husband, wife, and tween do it? Chris tells all, including the nitty gritty planning details.

50 Hikes 50 States

Eager to see the US again, Chris and her husband are undertaking a 50 Hikes 50 States Adventure. Read along as they tackle a hike in each US state.