madonnaI slept with Sean Penn last night. As Madonna, I enjoyed it.

Why was I dressed up like Madonna and my husband as Sean Penn? Because we won a costume contest in support of a crowd-sourcing campaign where we danced to support the walking movement, Lifeat3mph by Walk2Connect.

Lifeat3mph embodies the value of walking. It allows people to move in a way their bodies are designed at a speed that allows for connection. Connection can be for friendship, for health, or even for solitude. Walking is the best way to find these connections, and it’s a platform that we forget about in our Lifeat3+mph.

Every week, the 92 Walking Movement Leaders of Walk2Connec3t, volunteer to connect people. With over 30 Same Time Same Place walks, various Program walks, and even longer ambles, folks throughout Denver learn about themselves, their neighbors, and their communities. There’s no other better way to raise up the value of community than through this simple pleasure of walking.

My life thrives through my Lifeat3mph connections as a Walking Movement Leader. Each Wednesday at 7 am, I lead a 2.5 mile walk through my Stapleton neighborhood. On Saturdays, I often join an amble through Aurora. Sunday mornings, I’ll mosey like Sunday mornin’. Even when I don’t lead or join a walk, I find the value in walking through just a simple walking trip to Target or the post office rather than a drive. My car is getting lonely.

stapletonsunriseThus, if you support the value of walking and this post resonates with you, please come and support the Walking Movement Leadership program so we can continue to offer high-quality, connecting experiences. Whether you’re here in Denver, you’re a wellness coach in San Jose, or a walking dreamer, supporting Walk2Connect benefits all of us. Won’t you join us?