Walking in Hoboken New Jersey

Take a Good Walk in New JerseyTo be fair, I haven’t done much walking in New Jersey with the exception of the Shore, Atlantic City, and Hoboken. None the less, I find that I rate my walks by the quality of introspection I find and the general overall feel I get from the walk. Keeping those characteristics in mind, I pick Hoboken as my favorite New Jersey walk.

Hoboken is a cute town undergoing a revival. My walk in Hoboken revolved around a work trip, which put me staying at the W overlooking the Hudson. The hotel is also a block from the Hoboken Terminal, where this quick, 1-mile walk begins.

Take a Good Walk in New JerseyThe City of Hoboken has done a fantastic job creating a walkable area along the Hudson River. The Lackawanna Terminal/Hoboken Terminal, where hundreds of busses, trains, ferries, and taxis transport commuters in their daily lives.

If you’ve arrived here via the terminal, walk out of the terminal and head toward the water and then north. Look back at the terminal and enjoy the waterside view of the clock and the terminal. You’ll also see a statue of Sam Sloan, the grandfather of the Hoboken terminal, where the trail begins.

Many people head north up to the Pier C park, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t jut yourself out Pier A. Here, not only will you see amazing Manhattan skyline views, but you can watch the water and sky traffic as well. On the Pier, you’ll also see the Vietnam Memorial and the Memorial to Annette Iling, who was founder of Pier A park.

Take a Good Walk in New JerseyOnce you’ve gotten your fill of Pier A, continue north along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway which parallels Sinatra Drive, named after Frank, the native Hoboken. Who knew?  You’ll meander along on a well-maintained path until you get to the more well-known Pier C. At Pier C you can enjoy more amazing views of midtown Manhattan, including the Empire State Building, let your kids play in the play area, or just have a sit.

When you’re ready, head north up to Sinatra Park. If you’re here in the summer, find out the concert schedule, pull up a blanket and enjoy the ice cream truck while listening to the music, enjoying a sunset and again, watching the views. I walked this walk in the winter, and the ice and slush were a bit much. But none the less, trudging through the mess was worth the experience.

You can continue north and then east for quite a while. I had to hurry to my morning meeting, so I turned around and headed to my office. I vowed that next time I have to visit headquarters, I’ll drag everyone out for a walking meeting. Imagine the ideas we’ll come up with due to this inspiring walk and view of New York. Thanks Hoboken.


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