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When I think of Georgia, there are some grand historical sites in Atlanta that can’t be missed, including all those with Martin Luther King, Jr, as their centers. But this post calls out the Atlanta Jackson-Hartsfield airport (#ATL). There’s no better domestic airport to take a good walk in Georgia’s Atlanta, as it’s a walker’s heaven catering to walkers.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get off your flight are the banners placed along the supporting poles throughout the concourse. They are categorized by color, and they point out how much time it will take to walk to a certain place. For example, you’ll see amber food banners telling you which dining establishments are nearby and how long a walk you’ll need to make. There are additional banners for shopping and exploring.

Take a Good a walk in GeorgiaAlong the way to the below ground access to other concourses, you’ll also see extra-large video games mounted on the walls. You can start a game and interact with life-sized characters as you kill time waiting for a plane.  In Concourse A, you can play Row with the Vikings.

After you’ve rowed a bit, follow the signs to take you to Concourses A, B, C, D, E or T. You’ll end up underground via long escalators. When you get to the bottom of the escalators, you’ll have the choice to take a tram or to walk. Signs will tell you the distance and also the time to walk to the next concourse.

Between each concourse, the airport curators entertain you with various exhibits along the way. They change seasonally. Recently, I enjoyed a walk between Concourse B and C and got treated to Atlanta’s history.

Take a Good a walk in Georgia

Previously this year, I took the walk from Concourse A to B. I wanted to be in a hurry to rush to my flight, but I couldn’t. The spectacular collection of sculpture slowed me down. It would have been a crime to zip past the wonderful feelings of family, women, and love portrayed by various artists in multiple media.

Take a Good a walk in GeorgiaThus, it’s hard to get anywhere in the south without going through the Atlanta airport. Next time you’re there, take the time to walk. I seriously doubt the walk will take you any longer than taking the tram, and you’ll not only get a nice break from the hustle of the airport, but you’ll be treated to world-class exhibits as you stretch your legs.


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