The Perfect Valentine’s Day Walk through Denver

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take on this romantic 2.5 mile through Denver’s most romantic spots. Here’s where to go for a Valentine’s Day walk through downtown Denver.

Daniels & Fisher Tower

Nothing says romance like great views and the ticking of time. The Daniels & Fisher tower, built to promote the now-defunct Daniels & Fisher, nee May Stores, was restored just in front off the wrecking ball in the 1980s. With doors from the crumbed Ford building in Detroit, this clock tower beauty gives stunning views of downtown and romantic thoughts of proposals and weddings. On Saturdays at noon, the events group gives $10 tours to all takers.

After taking the elevator for 17 floors and stepping to the top for another 5 floors, we viewed 360 degrees of downtown including the Rockies and Sports Authority field. In addition, we saw wonderful clock faces and fabulous chandeliers! I wondered if any ghosts lived in the tower as we headed down the elevator and ambled toward Union Station.

Union Station

We picked up some chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate, and then we enjoyed our 6-7 block walk on 16th Street Mall to arrive at Wynkoop and Union Station. Built in 1880 and then remodeled in 1911, this throwback to rail heydays still stands in glory. Once over 150 trains came through a day, and now  Rapid Transit Denver can take you by rail to Denver International Airport. While at Union Station, we stopped through Bloom for a rose and then the Crawford Hotel allowed us a secret peek from the second floor.

Toxic Schizophrenia

A quick stop through the Union Station bathrooms in the basement, then we exited out back of the station toward Dagney and 15th street to see some contemporary art in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. With an ode to the cynic, we glanced at the heart-shaped and well-lit contemporary art piece called Toxic Schizophrenia. From there, we continued along Dangey to Cherry Creek.

Street Art along Cherry Creek

Heading east along Cherry Creek, we soon took the ramp down from street level to walk along the Cherry Creek. The sun abounded, as did walkers, skaters and bikers. None the less, the Creek soothed our thoughts as we promenaded along the Creek, eyeing some of the gorgeous street art along the banks, including The City of Sun. At the convention center, we took the ramps back up to the street level, so we could see the Dancers.

Dancers with Music!

romantic walk in denver

Knowing that we would pass the Dancers near the Denver Convention Center, I sought out the artist to get any insight from him about his giant sculpture of two dancers. Although I had seen this sculpture many times, he advised me that there is audio attached to the Dancers. A bit skeptical, I approached the Dancers and then the speakers on the ground. Surprise, “Let’s Dance!” was playing in a continual loop.

Onward to the Blue Bear

We continued north until we came across what Denverites mistakenly call the “Blue Bear.” Actually, it’s “I See What You Mean”, which is a giant blue bear sculpture looking into the Performing Arts center. Why is it blue? When the artist presented his idea to the arts committee, he had made the bear out of blue modelling clay. The committee loved the blue bear idea and commissioned the project as it showed in the model.

Returning on 16th Street

After laughing at our popularly named Blue Bear, we walked to 16th Street and continued west back to the Daniels & Fisher Tower. After 2.5 miles in the warm sun, we were tired and hungry. Thus, we hopped the 16th Street Bus back to Union Station and dropped into Hopdoddy for a bison burger and a beer. With love in our hearts and romance on our mind from our Romantic Walk in Denver, the Crawford Hotel called our names.

To see a fully integrative and responsive map of this walk, download it from here.

Where is your favorite,romantic spot in Denver?


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