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The Rocky Mountain Land Library: The Pie Edition

Rocky Mountain Land Library eatwalklearn

My heart exploded last night when I walked into the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s newest location in the Puritan Pie Company building on Champa St, Denver. In an inviting aesthetic of antique library chic, these bibliophile owners welcomed the literate, the curious, and the impassioned into a book world of the terra firma. I almost cried.

Harking Everything Local

Rocky Mountain Land Library eatwalklearn

Housed within Neal Cassady’s secret perfumery, the Land Library displayed maybe 1/100th of its stunning collection of books devoted to land, water, nature, and earth. Titles jumped from shelves into my heart. Little did I know that my list of must-reads would grow exponentially before I even got out of the seed library section. To think I’ll be be able to come to The Pie and touch, feel, and read this amazing collection sent happy, gleeful thoughts through my collaborative soul. How will we be able to combine the joy of walking with the joy of reading on top of the joy of land? Oh Father Time, tick me a few more centuries please.

Flowing Headwaters of Collaboration and Creativity

Rocky Mountain Land Library eatwalklearn

Soon, the Rocky Mountain Land Library will grace three exquisite locations; here at The Pie, already in South Park at the Platte River’s headwaters, and currently hidden in the Kassler Nature Center at Waterton Canyon. How fitting that the locations bank the Platte River from its headwaters to its downstream. I pray the sharing of info among the Library will flow without the complications of water rights. To imagine the outputs of its users’ imaginations makes my heart simply melt! Land-loving synergy has only just begun.

A Good Pie of Good Reads

Rocky Mountain Land Library eatwalklearn

Here are just a few glimpses into the amazing collection that I cannot wait to get my hands on from the Rocky Mountain Land Library. What will you enjoy first?

2019 Update

The Rocky Mountain Land Library has a new location in Globeville. It’s a must-see at 4800 Washington Street, Denver, CO.


  1. Martha Stewart

    Thank you for your enthusiastic article on the amazing fundraiser at RMLL’s Pie Factory urban library and community center last night! I was lucky to be there too and felt the same excitement. (I only wish your website didn’t end with RMLL books for sale on Amazon for so many reasons!)

    • EatWalkLearn

      Thank you yourself! Two things I wish: 1. That we could have met last night and 2. That Tattered Cover had an affiliate program so I could push that way and co-share success!


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