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review pokecity eatwalklearn

I have a new favorite fast, casual Denver restaurant, PokeCity. With tons of fresh fish, delicious topics, and a plethora of crunch and taste, this Hawaiian-style rice bowl place takes a California sushi roll out of for a roller coaster ride. Here’s my yummy review PokeCity Denver. Take note, although I focus on the fish options, vegetarians will find many delightful options as well.

Fresh Fish Everywhere

review pokecity eatwalklearn

Bright lights lead to the beginning of a smorgasbord of fresh, chopped fish options waiting to top brown or white rice or a pleasant blend of spring mix. After picking your bowl size, you go through the line Chipotle-style. Pick three from the first options of protein, including raw and cooked salmon, raw and cooked tuna, cooked shrimp, cooked octopus and cooked chicken.

Next come the up the mix-ins. Go for the masago! I’m a sucker for free fish eggs, and the masago is practically all you can eat. You can also add tofu, cilantro, jalapeno, or white/green onion.

The sauces come up next, packing a punch of flavor. I went with the Wasabi Shoyu, getting a bit of mustardy spice. Your other choices are a house sauce, Sesame Shoyu, Yuzu Citrus, and Spicy Aioli.

review pokecity eatwalklearn

At this point, you can add in avocado for an additional charge, or toss in some Crab Salad, Seaweed Salad or Squid Salad.

Finally, you’ll come to the toppers. Here, I added avocado, edamame, and pineapple, followed by the dry topics of almond and seaweed. Other choices are corn, tomato, fried onion, tempura flakes and sesame seeds.

Tasty, Affordable Eats

Bowls price from $8.95 to $12.95. When paying, I couldn’t resist the tempting photos of the macaroons (spelt macarons!), and threw in half dozen for a delicious dessert.

And Dessert Too!

review pokecity eatwalklearnWith my bowl full of yummy, I dug into the flavorful festival of food to be delighted. My fish combo of shrimp, salmon and octopus mixed nicely with my super helping of masago, avocado and pineapple. Every bite offered up a slightly different twist of flavors, making my meal a fun adventure into a variety of tastes. Fresh, flavorful, and fun.

Get yourself down to PokeCity, just off Belleview at DTC. This fast, fresh, and affordable new addition to the Denver fast casual scene brings a fun twist to the rice bowl. I hope you’ve enjoyed my yummy review PokeCity.


  1. Steve Goodfriend

    And they include a nice bowl of miso soup. Free tasty go withs are my favorite.

    • EatWalkLearn

      Oh, yes, the Miso Soup is an extra added delicious bonus!


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