Pick your RTW Luggage Carefully

When looking for the right bag, try out a variety of places to find the right bag. We tried Colorado Baggage at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver. Just there to look around, we interacted with Mike, the sales rep, and we explained our needs. (Round the World trip, cold weather, light weight, functional, etc.) I explained that it was a challenge and super important for us to pick the exact right gear. He readily took on the challenge, and he helped us pick our RTW luggage carefully.

The Dream Bag…

switchbackWhoever designs bags at Eagle Creek is a genius and truly understands travel. Mike showed us a few of their new hybrid bags, and in particular he showed us the Switchback 22. This bag perfectly adjusted to my back, had all the right compartments, had the right amount of space, and even had anti-theft zippers and koala -carry clips. I only wished it came in other colors besides black! Finally, someone understands me and has created the perfect bag.

…Is Too Expensive

Unfortunately, at $340 (free shipping!), it’s out of the price range since we needed three bags.  I think if our trip were to be longer than 30 days, I’d seriously consider this fantastic Eagle Creek bag.

A Cheap Bag Works Too

jeepBut guess what…Mike showed us three wheely backpacks that aren’t nearly as nice as Eagle Creek’s, but they were functional enough. And on sale. So for less than $125, we’ve got three large wheely backpacks that serve our needs.

By the way, if you are unsure about what bag to buy, Eagle Creek has a super questioning tool to help you decide what you need.

On my next long trip, I’m rethinking my luggage again. None the less, if you’re on a short RTW trip, I think this Jeep bag is a good way to pick your RTW luggage carefully.

Post Script. We have returned from our RTW trip, and this bag was fantastic. We all three loved it and found it to be exactly functional for our 30 day trip.


  1. eatwal5_wp

    Thanks Diane for the great comment. I love Tumi, and when I replace my work travel bag, I'll be buying Tumi. They also have a super small duffle backpack with wheels that is very stylish–I love it…but I don't want to draw attention to us while travelling with nice luggage, which is also why we made the cheaper choice.

  2. Diane B

    Hi Chris
    I just ran across your travel blog last week and have enjoyed reading it.
    As far as luggage–you can't go wrong with Tumi. I have three pieces. The two I use the most are are the international-sized wheeled carry on and the small travel bag that fits right on top. Although a challenge, I like packing only what I really need and just have carry on luggage. Diane


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