Just a quick side blog here of any amazing coincidence that happened to us yesterday in Athens. First, take a look at this pic below.

While on the ship through the fjords, we kept noticing this couple. Her shoes were the first thing that caught my attention. Four inch boots, a mini skirt, a fur coat, sunglasses, and long wavy hair. She walked around the boat liked she owned it. Him, with his bedazzled ball cap, must have taken a good 500 pictures of her in two hours. We thought she might be a model, but although they had a nice camera and tripod, they had no flashes or screens.

When he would take her picture, she would do the same three poses in a row. And during each pose, she would throw a one, two, or three with her fingers. Needless to say, I just felt the need to take this picture so I could remember how odd the whole situation was. We never talked to them, just watched their antics.

Fast forward two days. We go from Bergen, Norway, where we left our “friends.” We fly to Stockholm, stay the night in a jet, then continue our flight to Athens on this cockamamie itinerary that no one would book in their right mind. We go to sleep, and the next day, we get up and go to the Acropolis.

And who do we see posing on the steps to the Parthenon? Our friends. We can’t believe it. They can’t either. He introduces himself and his wife. They are from Taiwan on a tour, next stop is London. We laughed at the coincidence, and then he insisted that we, of course, must take a photo, see below. Notice Steve throwing the two just for fun. We didn’t know she had thrown a two until we looked at the picture later. God, did we laugh.