What Makes a Walk Interesting?

After leading hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles with folks from around the world, I’ve gotten the chance to reflect on what makes a walk interesting.

I don’t mean a walk around the block. I mean a walk–like a walking vacation or a many day trek.

It’s not conversation. But that’s a good start.

It’s not the scenery. But that helps.

It’s one thing we all love and enjoy every day.

It’s Food.

Good food. Interesting food. Tasty food. Different food.

Whether eating it, smelling it, preparing it, or looking at it–it doesn’t matter–we all love food.

From the the granola bar in your bag or the giant meal you’ll have at the end of your walking day, food is what keeps people motivated to the end.

50 Years for this Gorgeous Figure

Rest assured, it is what motivates me. I’m not shy about saying I love to eat. I’ve worked 50 years to have the figure I have because I love to eat. I also love to walk, which together with my love to eat, helps keep me less than the size of an elephant.

Favorite Foods?

For snacks, if I were to be deserted on an island for the rest of my life, I’d ask for dark chocolate covered almonds. That’s it. Sadly, though, they aren’t good for packs. They melt and get all gooey. Thus a good gorp mix with almonds, cranberries, dark chocolate and cashews (I like this one from Trader Joes) makes a good balance that if it gets hot, will melt into a manageable mix.

I also love carrots and peanut butter (by the way, peanut butter should only have peanuts and salt. Period.) They travel, well, too.

At the end of the day, I want paella. Straight from the street vendor or in a cafe with a glass of vino. Give me a pile of paella. Finish the night with some rich gelato and you can say the day perfected itself.

What do you want to eat after walking?

~See you on the trail