The Lost Cajun Found in Littleton

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Having spent a good amount of my life in the south, a sign that will suck me in is one that says “gumbo” on it. We made a quick stop at The Lost Cajun in Littleton on the way home from Waterton Canyon. Here’s my yummy review of the Lost Cajun.

Cheeky But Oh So Yummy

Although a bit cheeky, kind of like Mexican places with sombreros hanging on the wall, the food at Lost Cajun spoke for itself. From gumbo to etoufee, jambalaya and Po’ Boys, if you’re missing your New Orleans swagger, stop in here and eat up some love, y’all.

lost cajun yummy review eatwalklearn

More Shrimp than Bubba Gump

lost cajun yummy review eatwalklearn

The hubs and I split a shrimp Po’ Boy and a bowl of crawfish etoufee. My daughter also order the Po’ Boy, and added a cup of seafood gumbo. Both came with cajun-spiced fries and/or cole slaw, which we tried both. We finished the meal with our powered-sugar fritters, beignets.

Roux for You

lost cajun yummy review eatwalklearn

From the creamy and slightly spicy roux of both the etoufee and the gumbo to the perfectly fried shrimp, we ate our way to the bayou. Rounding off the adventure, powered sugar stuck to our lips from the perfectly prepared beignets. None of us could finish our meals, bringing home the gumbo for a late-night snack. Sharing a Po’ Boy and a bowl of soup was plenty for the two of us. (The Po’ Boy picture above is half a serving!)

Smack Yo’ Sugary Lips

lost cajun yummy review eatwwalklearn

Often I’m disappointed with places serving food from “not around here” trying to recreate the experience from elsewhere. Although the decor was a little Mardi-Gras-out-of-the-box, the food wasn’t. Fresh, good, and prepared perfectly, I’ll be back to the Lost Cajun the next time I’m in Littleton. Thanks y’all!