Stay the Night in a 747

Jumbo Stay
Despite the fact we will be traveling over 26000 miles by air on our RTW trip and sleeping a good portion of it on planes, we couldn’t resist a night’s stay in Jumbo Jet at the StockholmJumbo Stay airport. Located just off the Arlanda tarmac is a renovated 747 with 20 rooms to fill your every aviation dream. We booked a triple, but for more money, we could have slept in the cockpit! Here’s how our night went in Jumbo Stay.

Arriving at the Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay
We arrived at the Jumbo Stay by taking the inter airport shuttle. Up the stairs we climbed, and we entered through the airplane door. A wonderful receptionist received us, confirmed our payment, and checked in. He pointed out that we could go up into the cock pit or walk down the aisle to our rooms.

Our Comfy Room

Down the aisle we went, opened our door, and happily our room. We laughed and laughed.  Our room was basically a full size bed with a twin bunk. Jumbo StayWe had window views, an overhead compartment, and individual reading lights. Alas, there was no flight attendant serving drinks. None the less, we settled in by storing our luggage into the ample overhead compartment.

Great Bathrooms and a TV Room!

>Jumbo StayDown the aisle, we found bathrooms with showers, an ironing board, and a bar and TV room. Of course the TV room had first class seats and drop down tables to set your drink. It harked back to the good-old-days of travel when everyone could enjoy a nice seat, a drink, and some luxury.

Jumbo Stay

Walk on the Wing!

No trip to Jumbo Jet is complete without a walk on the wing, a review of the engines, or a swing on an airplane tire. After exploring the internal part of the airport, we headed outside. There are steps up to the engine housings (but no engines), the chance to walk out on the wing, and fantastic swings hung under the belly of the air craft. The swings are actually old airplane tires!

Jumbo Stay

Dinner at Stockholm Airport

We were hungry and with only the transportation of the inter-airport bus, thus, we got back on the bus and went back to the terminal for dinner. We actually enjoyed a wonderful meal in the Stockholm airport! Afterward, we took the bus back to our room in Jumbo Jet, and surprisingly had a super sleep.  Anyhow, a fun time for all of us, and a recommendation to pass on to anyone with a sense of humor to stay at Jumbo Stay.


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