Walking in Oaxaca

Walking Oaxaca–A 12-Day Trekking Adventure The best part of the trip is the journey. 12-day Oaxaca Trek in the Sierra Madre Mountains On our Oaxaca trip, a 12-day trekking adventure in the Sierra Madre mountains south of Mexico City, change was constant and brought us opportunities that our original itinerary never would have provided. Thank… Continue Reading Walking in Oaxaca

Making Walks Interesting

What Makes a Walk Interesting? After leading hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles with folks from around the world, I’ve gotten the chance to reflect on what makes a walk interesting. I don’t mean a walk around the block. I mean a walk–like a walking vacation or a many day trek. It’s not conversation. But that’s… Continue Reading Making Walks Interesting

The Death of the Pedometer

How Far Do You Walk During Vacation? In an informal poll of friends, I asked how many steps they had taken on their last vacation. It’s an odd question. They weren’t counting. But they were noticing that they were walking a lot. A LOT. Many folks have apps on their phones that keep track in… Continue Reading The Death of the Pedometer

Walking Antwerp

Walking Antwerp Walking in Antwerp engages your rich senses. With diamonds dripping from every corner and Belgian waffles inviting giant bites, you can’t go wrong meandering in Antwerp. While walking, be sure to do these five unusual things. Five Unusual Things to Do in Antwerp Spend time in the Antwerp train station. I’ve been to… Continue Reading Walking Antwerp