Walking Vacations

What is a Walking Vacation? When I think about walking vacations, I think of them in two ways. The Big City Walking Vacation The first is the type of vacation where you jet off to someplace, like a famous city, and then you spend the rest of the time walking everywhere you can. Think “Sightseeing.”… Continue Reading Walking Vacations

Walking Southern Spain

Getting Around Southern Spain (Faro, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona) One of the best things about traveling is its puzzle. Working out the logistics of getting from one place to another via the public transit options and within a budget can daunt the best logician at times. So, in the spirit of helping out a friend, here’s… Continue Reading Walking Southern Spain

5 Denver Walking Books

5 Must-Read Books for Walking in Denver If you walk in Denver, or you’re thinking about walking in Denver, here are five must-read books for Denver walkers. I have read all of these books. Numbers one and four are my favorites, and all of them are very good. Even if you don’t walk, they are… Continue Reading 5 Denver Walking Books

Secret to Daily Exercise

Walking is an attitude, not a destination. I talk with people about walking every day, and I often hear them say things like, “I need to get out and walk.” “I need to walk more.” When I hear these comments, I scratch my head. I think to myself, “Aren’t you already walking every day?” Walking… Continue Reading Secret to Daily Exercise

Romantic Walk in Denver

Valentine’s Day came and went, but it didn’t pass without a Romantic Walk in Denver. With 65 degree skies, we headed out on a romantic 2.5 mile through Denver’s most romantic spots. Here’s where we went. Daniels & Fisher Tower Nothing says romance like great views and the ticking of time. The Daniels & Fisher… Continue Reading Romantic Walk in Denver