Clothes to Pack for RTW Trip

Clothes are the most important decision After much angst, research, and shopping, we have settled on our outfits for our Round the World trip in April. As a reminder, we will be in Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Amsterdam, Rome, Athens, Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles and San Diego. We will be carrying back packs, and the temperature… Continue Reading Clothes to Pack for RTW Trip

To-Do List for RTW Trip

65 Days Until We Leave for RTW Trip Earlier this week, I logged into my Delta account, and it reminded me I had 70 days until my trip. After 10 years of dreaming, 5 years of saving, 1 year of planning, I can’t believe we are Round-the-World bound in 2 months. Holy guacamole, batman, my… Continue Reading To-Do List for RTW Trip