Walking in Oaxaca

Walking Oaxaca–A 12-Day Trekking Adventure The best part of the trip is the journey. 12-day Oaxaca Trek in the Sierra Madre Mountains On our Oaxaca trip, a 12-day trekking adventure in the Sierra Madre mountains south of Mexico City, change was constant and brought us opportunities that our original itinerary never would have provided. Thank… Continue Reading Walking in Oaxaca

Dear European Hostel Owner

An open letter to European Hostel Owners– Dear European Hostel Owner; My 14-year old daughter and I (aged 50) just completed a 30-day romp through your wonderful countries. We started in Lisbon and left out of Dublin, staying in Lisbon, Faro, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Basel, Cologne, Brussels, Antwerp, The Hague, Amsterdam, London, Liverpool and… Continue Reading Dear European Hostel Owner

Walking Southern Spain

Getting Around Southern Spain (Faro, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona) One of the best things about traveling is its puzzle. Working out the logistics of getting from one place to another via the public transit options and within a budget can daunt the best logician at times. So, in the spirit of helping out a friend, here’s… Continue Reading Walking Southern Spain

National Parks Adventure 3D

This is a guest post from Courtney Drake-McDonough at www.ingoodtastedenver.com Robert Redford narrates “National Parks Adventure” National Parks Adventure 3D America’s National Parks are going to have to brace for a lot more visitors this year after people see National Parks Adventure, an IMAX documentary film that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Parks… Continue Reading National Parks Adventure 3D