Bombas Sock Review After One Year

Bombas Socks Product Review, Like No Other

As with any new product, it’s easy to write a positive review once you use it the first time. With socks, this is particularly true. But I put my Bombas to the test for a year, and here’s my Bombas sock review.

Bombas product review eatwalklearn

As an urban hiker and walking traveler, I expect a lot from my feet and its footwear. Although I’ve moved from Merrills to Keens (which I’ll eventually blog about), and I love my Korkers, the one constant for the past year has been my Bombas. They are as true and fit as the first day I got them, despite over 100 wearings and washings.

I have two types of pairs, the Bombas ankle and the Bombas calfs. Since I don’t wear the calfs that often, this review is strictly about the ankle socks. Let’s start with the fit. Not too tight, not loose, they are the perfect fit with their hive-like arch support. The toe has stayed true as well, not losing its shape nor shredding its seam. The heel stays put, never riding up or slipping down.

Bombas product review
The first wearing, January 2016

The second best part of this sock is certainly the neck. A soft curl protects the back of my heal from the rear lip of my shoe. In addition, the curl is just thick enough to discourage sand and pebbles from sneaking in during my trail walks.

What’s the first best part of this sock? For every pair Bombas sell, they donate a pair to homeless shelters. As someone who interacts with homeless every day while I walk the sidewalks, trails, and streets of Denver, I see this need first-hand, and I’m grateful Bombas sees it, too.

Bombas product review eatwalklearn
The most recent wearing, February 2017

I originally ordered a four pack in January 2016. Now, a year later, I’m still loving these turquoise blue Bombas, although they are a tad faded. Their form and fit have persisted, and I see no reason to order any more in the near feature. But then again, the new super cute purple grippers might have to just show up in my wardrobe. I can barely resist.

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