What Kind of Walker Are You? (Quiz below!)

What Kind of Walker Are You? (Keep Scrolling!)

One of the latest travel trends popping up is the walking vacation. Although folks have done long-distance walking, such as the Appalachian Trail, the Camino de Santiago, and other long-distance hikes for years, “regular” walkers are now taking up the trekking fun and looking to spend their vacations walking. Is a long-distance, walking vacation a good choice for you? Take the quiz below.

What Type of Walks Do You Do?

Once you take the walking quiz below, you’ll know if you’re a day walker, a long-distance walker, or if you’re a walking traveler. All three options are great–they prove that you are committed to walking and you understand the value it brings to your life.

A Few Quick Walking References

The quiz references a few books and movies. Have you read 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World, Thru, An Appalachian Love Story, or Travel Magic Postcards? Or seen the movies, The Way, My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Wild?

Take the Walking Vacation Quiz

Take this walking quiz and discover if you, too, should go on a walking vacation.
Are you Ready for a Walking Vacation?

What Result Did You Get?

What result did you get? Are you ready to take a vacation that is all about walking? We are planning to long-distance walking trips right now. One is to Oaxaca, Mexico, and the other is to Scotland. Have you signed up on our mailing list yet so you get the latest info? You can also email us directly if you have an interest. Email [email protected] Walk with you soon! By the way, would you post your result below? We’d love to see what types of walking we have who read my blog. Were you surprised by the result? Are you a day walker, a long-distance walker or a walking traveler? Share a pic from your walk today!

5 thoughts on “What Kind of Walker Are You? (Quiz below!)

    1. Yeah for you! I walk the Appalachian Trail every Labor Day with a girlfriend of mine from Tampa. We’ve done it once so far :-), but we committed to doing it every Labor Day weekend, one segment at a time. Our first time out, we only went about 20 miles in 4 days–but it was enough. It was about getting outside, enjoying each other’s company and connecting. I know some folks think about thru hiking it, but you really can do it at your own pace whenever you want. I blogged about it twice. Have a look:

    1. I love this! I know so many people who walk in groups, but I haven’t heard much about husband and wives! It’s such a valuable way to stay connected. My hubs and I do the same (have you read Travel Magic Postcards yet (here’s the link: http://amzn.to/1rqZcGx )?) The walking groups I participate in are heavy with women, and I love to hear about ways to include men.

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