Five Fantastic Gifts for Nomads

With the giving season upon us, let’s not forget the nomads in our life. These loved ones are those who have everything, who travel, and who probably don’t have room for things. They love experiences and don’t want any more things they need to pack. So what do you give them when there’s nothing to give? We’ve got five things that nomads love.

  1. Nomad love experiences, so give them one. Buy them a gift card to Viator, a company that offers fantastic experiences worldwide. We have used them many times, most recently on an ebike ride through Rome. Get your gift card here.
  2. Nomads must sleep every night, so help them with that experience too! Get them an Airbnb gift card, which they can use for either their nightly accommodation or for experiences, too. We loved our Airbnb experience in Mexico City where we kayaked through ancient Aztec canals to see sustainable agriculture and eat a farm to table meal. Get your Airbnb gift card here.
  3. Nomads need tools that are multi-functional to cut down on space. Get them a 6-in-1 gadget. I’ve carried this fantastic tool with me for years, and I’ve often given it as a gift. It’s got a mirror, magnifying glass, compass, light, whistle, and thermometer. It hangs in easy reach off my backpack. Get your gadget here.
  4. Got a nomad who hasn’t left yet? Our Two Carry-Ons and a Plan book, now available in both paper back and ebook. This book narrates our love story and our journey to get rid of all of stuff and includes to-do lists, check lists, timelines and tips for how you can do it too. You can buy an ebook and have it sent to your nomad digitally. Get your copy of Two Carry-Ons and a Plan here.
  5. Nomads love places to go. Finally, for your US-based nomads, give them the gift of our wonderful National Parks by gifting them a national parks pass. This pass gets them into all of our National Parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon, for no charge. Get your pass here.

Any item on this short and sweet list would be loved by the nomad in your life. We don’t suggest buying them water bottles, luggage, back packs, etc, because those items are very personal. Your idea of a great suitcase will not be their idea of a great suitcase. Although gift cards for those items would be nice, stick with the gift cards for experiences, and you’ll be giving the perfect gifts.


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