fall in love Walk to Fall in Love

Walking will make you fall in love. I promise. Or, it will make you remember why you fell in love in the first place.By walking, you can fall in love, I dare you.

Science Proves Walking Creates Love

fall in love

Whenever you walk, you get the chance to simply connect. Whether it’s the ground, your pets, or others, taking a walk does magical things for your mind and body. Don’t trust me, trust the reams of research out there (google “walk and endorphins.”)

But here’s one thing I know; at about 20 minutes into any walk, my rose-colored glasses appear and love starts oozing out of me. Great ideas pop into my head, positive thoughts about my friends and loved ones start rapid firing from my thoughts, and my step gets lighter. I can actually tell you exactly when this happens, as the grunge and grudge of the day dissipate and happiness enters my soul.

I Dare You to Fall in Love

fall in love

I will even go as far to say that you can walk to fall in love. Or, you can walk to rekindle your love. I would even say that walking keeps you in love. Don’t believe me? Put my dare to the test. Come walk with us on the Romantic Date Walk in Denver on Feb 13. Grab your love or grab someone you want to love. Enjoy some romantic spots in Denver including the Daniels and Fisher clock tower, Denver’s Union Station, Confluence Park, eat some local chocolate, and amble through Denver’s downtown. Fall in love, I dare you. Won’t you take the dare and join us?