Regrouping for our Round the World Trip

(Note: this post was updated in 2019)

After our family regrouped from the first call to Delta, I had my lists ready for calling Delta’s RTW desk, part 2.

Not only did I have a list of possible places for us to fly, but I also had Delta’s routing map that I had pulled out of a Sky Magazine from a recent trip. My thought was if I asked for an airport and it wasn’t available, I could just look at the map and point.

I was ready to throw darts if I had to!

A Good Delta Agent

This time when I called Delta, the agent was super, well-experienced, and willing to make some suggestions. I explained our goal–two, free, non-revenue tickets we’d get with points, one revenue ticket, less than 26,000 miles round trip, 30 days, 6 stopovers. We didn’t necessarily care where we went–we just wanted an adventure to learn, taste, smell, explore.

And finally, after another six hour phone call. (You think I’m kidding. I wish I were.) We had a booked itinerary.

Our Final Itinerary

DEN (Denver)-MSP (Minneapolis)-AMS (Amsterdam)- NYO (Stockholm)
Stay for 6 days.
NYO-AMS-CIA (Rome)-ATH (Athens) (We have a 12 hour layover in Rome, yeah!)
Stay for 5 days
ATH-SVO (Moscow)
Stay for 6 days
SVO-PEK (Beijing)
Stay for 4 days
PEK-TPE (Taipai)-LAX (Los Angeles)
Journey to San Diego, stay for 3 days
Home in 29 days!

I confirmed the amount of points we would need, 360,000 and the price. The rev ticket was $2999 plus taxes. We would also have to pay the taxes on the non-rev tickets as well, plus we would have to pay some fees for transferring our points. We had 48 hours to pay up.

Next, we pay up.


  1. Lara Butler

    I'd love to see your budget for hotel, transportation & food for a month abroad! You go, girl!! After this trip you'll have to start a brand new bucket list.

  2. Tina Morrison

    Whoa!! Please send postcards from everywhere!! Fun!!


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