A Bolder Boulder 86th Birthday Bash

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When you’re 86, you can ask for anything. Betty Payte asks that 86 friends sign up to walk the Bolder Boulder on her 86th birthday.

If you’re from Denver and you served ice cream to Denver’s kids through 4 Dairy Queens over 4 decades, asking 86 friends to show up is a small number.

But it’s not the Dairy Queen connection that will bring out walkers to Betty’s birthday party. It’s Betty.

Betty’s Walks through Golden Are for Everyone

betty payte bolder boulder eatwalklearn

Betty walks. Every where. She leads walks in Golden several times a week, and when she’s not leading Golden Walk‘s walks, she’s walking with friends. Lots of them.

“She’s amazing.”

“She’s such a joy, she’s always smiling, she always has something positive to say.”

“You can’t help but smile when you’re around her.”

These were just a few of the quotes from her friends on my recent walk through Betty’s beloved Golden.

Partners for Forever

betty payte bolder boulder eatwalklearn

Betty’s husband, Harold, doesn’t say he has a wife. He has a partner. They are a team who hasn’t known each other their whole lives. After all, they had other friends prior to 6th grade in Fruitdale. But since then, they made a life, raised a family, created business, and built a walking community. Among other things.

When walking with Betty, she doesn’t talk about herself. She can’t believe all the media she gets about walking and her 86th birthday party. “It’s about everyone else,” she says. “I’m just an average person on a walk,” she states.

Not new to the Bolder Boulder, Betty and her 85 other friends have signed up for the “Run/Walk, Mostly Walk” wave of the Bolder Boulder. She’d rather be in a faster wave, but she recognizes her friends might need to keep up. Look for Betty with her favorite Walk2Connect shirt on, her husband Harold by her side, and 84 others making up the Betty Fan Club.

Want to join us? No problem, sign up today for the Bolder Boulder and say you’re walking with Betty Payte. You’ll have the time of your life, and Betty will inspire you to keep walking even after you’ve completed her 10K Bolder Boulder 86th Birthday Bash.