Sometimes it’s just the little things. Imagine a little girl giggling uncontrollably–that was me just a few minutes ago as the I printed the first leg of our boarding passes. Although I fly almost weekly and print boarding passes often, there’s just something about printing boarding passes that start an around the world trip. Thrilling, actually! The RTW boarding passes are printed!

And, thank you Delta, for the treat! For whatever reason, I got TSA PreCheck. I don’t know why–perhaps because of the overall price of my ticket–but hallelujah for us! Although I am A+ on Southwest, I don’t have much status on Delta. To get PreCheck is a dream on top of a dream, and the great news–because I’m PreCheck, the rest of my party is too. So, we’ll be zipping through security! Lucky us!

The next call is to the taxi company to pick us up in the morning. I can’t believe we’ll be heading out in less than 24 hours. *Sigh* But, our boarding passes are printed, which means all is going well.

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  1. Nikki McKinley

    I'm SOO excited for you all.
    ENJOY, you definitely deserve this.
    I'll be following your journey.



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