Best Vegetarian Eats in Stapleton

The face of good eats is quickly changing in Stapleton, and thank heavens changes have brought in some good flavors. Here’s my list for the best vegetarian eats in Stapleton, including Northfield. Frankly, it’s nice to have more than just mac & cheese choices.

Best Guacamole:

vegetarian eats stapleton
If you’re a vegetarian who eats fish, love up some Fish tacos at La Sandia, or order the vegetarian as well. Photo credit: In Good Taste Denver

You can’t beat La Sandia for its creative takes on yummy guacamole. They start off the guac right because they use the correct type of avocado (Hass) and then work it from there. The verde guacamole tops my list as a favorite with the extra pumpkin seed punch. And right now, there’s a guacamole festival going on.

Best Sushi:

Sorry Blue Fin, but Zen grabs top spot for best sushi. What I like about Zen’s sushi, actually, is its vegetarian sushi plate. It’s nice to see a veggie sushi menu with more than just cucumber and avocado on it. Their mushroom sushi is the bomb. But for those who want fish, try the Salmon Toro with Caviar. Different and refreshing.

Best Veggies:

vegetarian eats stapleton
Many veggie choices at Salati, including Involtini. Photo credit- Salati Italian Street Food.

Step aside Brussels sprouts as the most detested vegetable….and enter Salati’s Crispy Brussels. Sauteed with garlic and finished with balsamic, these lip-smackers punch great flavor and turn Brussel sprouts into yummy morsels.

Best Vegetarian Taco:

Opening the first week of June (get in line now), Torchy’s Tacos wins for their amazing “The Independent” taco. Starting with hand-battered then fried portobellos and ending with ancho aioli, this dripping mess melts in your mouth and threatens your best “Arriba!”

Best Breakfast:

Thank god Four Friends understands there’s more to vegetarian cooking beyond eggs and cheese. Jump into their Smoked Wild Mushroom Butternut Squash Hash and Eggs, and you’ll be licking every last bite off the plate. Add in the fun of playing with an Etch-a-Sketch, and breakfast will be finished before you even started.

Artful Taste of Northfield

taste of northfield eatwalklearn chris englert

Want to try out some of these new places and learn a bit about the aviation art and history of the area? We’ll be hosting the Artful Taste of Northfield, a 2-3 mile walk through Stapleton’s Northfield on May 28. Sign up at Artful Taste of Northfield.

What are your best vegetarian eats in Stapleton? Share a pic and story below!