After traveling around the world with my family, I have compiled the best things in the world that we enjoyed.

We stopped in Minneapolis, Stockholm, Oslo, Athens, Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tijuana, Salt Lake City, and Denver. Here’s our list of the best things in the world that we ate, experienced and enjoyed.

Most scary thing: Car bomb in Athens.

Most interesting thing: The Viking Museum in Oslo

Most unusual thing: Running into the Taiwanese couple we saw in the Norway Fjords at the top of the Acropolis in Athens.

Best food: Tie: Scandinavian bakery in Bergen and Chinese food at the top of Yashow market.

Best chocolate: Dark chocolate orange bar in Moscow.

Most odd thing: My Russian dinner host having no furniture

Biggest let-down: The Bolshoi Theatre tour being cancelled.

Most surprising thing: Russian woman having discrete tattoos and Brazilians!

Most fun day: Riding bikes on Aegina Island in Greece

Prettiest day: Getting to the Fjords in Norway on the World’s Most Beautiful Train Ride

Most crowded day: Forbidden City and Great Wall of China at Badaling

Best accommodations: Staying in a 747, Jumbo Jet, in Stockholm

Worst food: “Traditional Chinese food” at the Jade Factory

Most anticipated day: The inside of St Basils Cathedral

Most weird thing: Lenin’s tomb in Moscow

Tackiest day: Los Angeles Tour of Stars Home

Happiest day: Speaking Spanish to my beloved donkey-zebra in Tijuana

The best thing: Spending time with my husband and daughter 24/7 for 30 days and getting to know them in ways I would never be able to do in any other way.

How my RTW trip changed me

Every day we woke up, we had just THAT day to enjoy THAT place because the next day, we would be elsewhere. So, regardless of rain/money/attitude/health, we got up and went and enjoyed. We compiled this list of best things in the world. This RTW reminded me to live for today and not count on tomorrow. I came home with a new motto: Stop Waiting, Start Doing. And I am.

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  1. Steve Goodfriend

    Since I didn't hear the car bomb that woke you up, I would say the scariest thing were the taxi rides in Beijing. Or possibly the police in riot gear lined up in front of the Parliament in Athens.

    And the worst was the chocolate in China – what was that?



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