I Am Lucky

On the way over across the Big Pond, I watched a movie called _About Time_. It was about a time traveler who learns the lesson of gratitude and appreciating the little moments in life. As I lay here in Ikea’s show room floor, aka our Swedish AirBnB apartment, waiting for Steve and Kelly to awaken, I can’t get over this feeling I have. It’s a feeling that everything single thing I’ve ever done has led me to this moment. It’s a moment where I couldn’t be more grateful to have these two wonderful people with me on this crazy RTW adventure we are on. I cannot believe how lucky these two humans make me feel. They are simply scrumptious.

Be Present

Today they will wake, and we’ll decide how to enjoy Stockholm. High on Kelly’s list is a trip to Ikea. I told her that’s like going to New York City and wanting to go to Wal-Mart. She doesn’t care…its the biggest IKEA in the world, why not go? So, we’ll be sure to get a good dose of Swedish history in today and a bit of Ikea in as well. I have no idea what else we will do at this moment. I don’t care. We will simply enjoy.

See the World

So far, we have a few first impressions of Stockholm. We took the commuter train from the airport into Stockholm and then the metro, or tunnelbana, one stop to our host’s house. On the train, there was a lot of graffiti–I just didn’t expect that. Central Station, like every other Central Station in the world, carried on the hustle and bustle of the city. So far, these Swedish are kind and helpful, thankfully speaking beautiful English. Our host Daniel, greeted us with chocolate. Alas, Swedes are kind and like chocolate. We are off to a great start.


  1. jclaireb

    The most famous trombone player in the world (classical division) is Christian Lindberg, from Stockholm. Tom did a festival with him in Ümea Sweden, and he remains a good friend. Enjoy!!!!


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