I’ve stayed in AirBnBs all over the world in Sweden, Norway, Greece, and Russia, and letting folks stay in my home lets me share with you the 5 ways AirBnB safely pays for my vacation.

5 Ways AirBnB Safely Pays for my VacationsNot once have I ever been frightened, ripped-off, or disappointed. Every time I’ve stayed, the arrangement was clean, convenient, and comfortable, and every time someone has stayed at my home, only good things have happened.

My international stays have been practically free.

How? Because I also put my house up for AirBnB availability when I travel. Thus, when I leave, people stay. When they stay, I travel.

Here’s how I keep my house safe.

1. My neighbor knows that other folks will stay at my house.
I ask him to “watch over” the place, and I ask him to let them in on their first day. I pay him a reasonable amount ($100 for 1-2 weeks). Thus, he’s got an incentive to participate.

2. I absolutely believe in karma. If I treat other people’s
5 Ways AirBnB Safely Pays for my Vacationsplaces well, people will treat my place well. I leave pictures of my family around the house to remind my guests that they are staying in my home. They are guests without a host.

3. Yet, I’m not stupid. I lock away my valuables and things that I would absolutely miss and not be able to replace. This includes any files with tax info and social security numbers.

4. I ask the guests to text me a picture of themselves within my house. This is a subtle reminder that I know who they are and how to reach them if necessary. And, I like to gather pictures of my visitors to put in my guest book.

5. I ensure that my home instructions provide them access to the things they need, 5 Ways AirBnB Safely Pays for my Vacationslike internet and TV, and I also suggest things for them to do that aren’t in the tour books. Plus, they are welcome to the essentials in my house like shampoo and cooking oil. By being generous, they are generous back and respectful of my home.
I’ve yet to have a negative experience offering my home on AirBnB. I also don’t expect one either. Letting my house out on AirBnb allows me to enjoy richer, more expensive vacations, and also allows me participate in the karmic economy that gives so much. I am so grateful.


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