5 Must-Read Books for Walking in Denver

High Line Canal Segment 10 eatwalklearnIf you walk in Denver, or you’re thinking about walking in Denver, here are five must-read books for Denver walkers. I have read all of these books. Numbers one and four are my favorites, and all of them are very good. Even if you don’t walk, they are all good stories with great info. Enjoy these Denver walking books for yourself or your walking friends.

    1. Thunder Tree by Robert Michael Pyle
        A little-boy’s love affair with the High Line Canal turns into a career of butterflies.
    2. Best Urban Hikes: Denver by Chris Englert
        Yes, it’s my book, and it’s good. 30 hikes within Denver’s C470 loop..
    3. Walking the Denver Boulder Region by Darcy Fozenlo and Robert Folzenlogen
        An older book, it’s a great shout-out to some of the best walks in Denver and still mostly current.
    4. A Ditch in Time: The City, the West, and Water by Patricia Limerick
        Although not a book about walking, it is a book about water. If you’ve ever walked a mile in Denver, you’re bound to have crossed a ditch, canal, or creek–all leading up to Denver’s great water story.
    5. The High Line Canal by Denver Water
        1. The original walking guide. Not fantastic, but enough detail to give you some context. Watch for a new edition coming in late 2019 from yours truly!


  1. Twenty-Seven Square Miles: Landscape and History at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge by John Hoffecker
      Again not a book about walking, but one about the Refuge. Reading it will make you feel very grounded about walking in Denver, and besides, the Refuge is a great place to walk. Bison!

    Do you have any recommendations for great walking books about Denver? Where is your favorite place to walk? Hint: These 5 Denver walking books would make great gifts for any of your Denver relatives. 🙂

    Walk on, Chris