5 Clever Gifts for Women Travelers

Traveling around the world and going on walking vacations require excellent gadgets and gizmos to really enjoy a trip. If you’ve got a friend, a mom, a girlfriend, or maybe an aunt who likes to travel around the world, is active, and loves a good urban hike, city walk, or forested hike, we’ve got five clever gifts for the woman traveler in your life.

A Real Carry-on Bag

Buying a suitcase is a truly personal experience. It’s like buying a purse. Women are picky. But despite being picky, there are a few things that any good carry-on bag will have that an active female traveler will love. We found it in the Eagle Creek Load Warrior, 22″. It’s the PERFECT size for a week abroad on an adventure. Not only does it fit perfectly in an overhead bin, it can expand a couple extra inches and still fit overhead. Plus, it has a special hook to carry a helmet for biking, climbing, skiing women who travel. We like the cute blue, and it does come in other colors. Get it at REI and support REI’s #optoutside mission.

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit. We know, we don’t want to think about our women travelers getting hurt while having fun. But it’s always good to be prepared for ourselves and anyone else we might be adventuring with. It’s not a sexy gift, but it sure is handy. And it makes a great stocking stuffer.

We like this Travel kit because it includes all the typical essentials, and it also includes a blister kit and a, ahem, upset stomach kit. When traveling through countries and putting lots of steps on those feet, both of these extra items might come in super handy.

An Audible subscription is perfect for women travelers who love books. Get her a trial membership.

A Spork

And again, from the not-sexy department, but totally functional. A spork is something you didn’t know you needed and now you can’t do without it. When traveling, adventurous women eat. They try all kinds of foods in all types of places. They’re on the go, too. Help them eliminate plastics while they travel by giving them a spork they can use and reuse throughout their trip. We suggest you get her a couple; one for her backpack and one for her purse. This also makes a great stocking stuffer.

An Excellent Skort

We’ve tried almost every skort out there. Don’t know what a skort is? It’s a skirt with a built-in bottom. Most bottoms are shorts, but the brand we love and wear exclusively for travel and hiking is Skirt Sport.


The bottoms come in many lengths, from super short shorts to long leggings. So for any conditions and any sport, there’s a Skirt Sport that works. Plus, they come in fun prints and colors. Check out the black skirt with printed leggings in the pic above. Isn’t that cute?

Get your favorite women traveler one for the plane (which she can wear from the plane to the trail), one for walking, and one for attending a tough mudder. Use our Skirt Sport code (344CESSA) to get 25% a full priced item (and Black Friday has already started!!!!) by clicking here.

A Deck of Cards

Traveling can get lonely and boring. One way to combat both is by carrying a deck of cards. Not only can your women traveler play some solitaire to kill time while waiting on a layover, but she can also invite strangers to play with her. We once traveled on train across the US and met a couple from Pakistan. We invited them to play Crazy Eights with us. They taught us their own version of Crazy Eights, and we’re still friends, ten years later. We like this deck featuring famous women because it’s about strong women. After all, the future is female, right?

An REI Adventure

If you’re stuck on what to get, and you’d rather just stick with an experience, we love you for that! Play it safe and get something she’ll love, an REI Gift Card so she can get her own REI Adventure. Maybe she’ll take a trip to Moab or learn to repel? Perhaps she just wants to go on a good, well-planned hike? Would you want to join her? Grab an REI Adventure. You can’t go wrong.

What have you loved receiving as a gift? Tell me. Gift giving can be hard; good ideas are worth sharing.

~See you on the trail,




  1. Joyce Nilsen

    I was intrigued by your story about the West Virginia hike and your family history.

    Great shopping ideas for the adventurous woman.

  2. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    Those are cool cards. I don’t really play them but they’re fun to look at. Cute pic with your carry-on!


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