First, the Perfect Hand-held Device

It was fourteen years ago that I dreamed up the Big Around the World trip. My original date to go was 2005–I figured by 2005 (it was 2000 when I dreamt this), I would have a hand-held device that would have 1) satellite service 2) internet service 3) a gps 4) access to my banking and 5) a personal defense system. Fast forward to 2014, and the device still lacks a personal defense system (such as a stun gun, pepper spray, etc), but I am finally leaving on this crazy trip in just three days. 14 years a dream. Go big.

Saving Everywhere

In 2005 when life kept me home, I drew a line in the sand and started the plan. From that point forward, I saved and scrimped every frequent flier mile and reward point I could possibly save. No upgrades, no cash ins, nothing. I have coached every trip, including rides to Ireland and Israel. I answered every point-generating survey I could. And finally, after fourteen years of dreaming and eight years of saving, I have enough points to travel the world for next to nothing.

$8000 for Three

In truth, I have spent about $8000 before I’ve even left the house. This $8000 covered two free tickets (and their taxes), one full price ticket, 30 nights of accommodations, our Visas, our new backpacks, a few converters, some clothes, and the proper shoes. The only things we will spend money on now are food, entertainment, entrance fees and cool things we can’t live without. Thus, even though we’ve got more to spend, we’d be spending that at home anyway. Therefore, I can confidently say that an around the world trip for three costs me $8000.

3 Days until Departure

I seriously cannot believe we leave in three days. The feeling is the same as when I’ve gotten married or bought houses. Thrilling, scary, unnerving, exciting! I keep thinking about getting the email on Sunday that it’s time to print our boarding passes. I simply cannot wait.

The Last Items on the Checklist

We have a few details to accomplish before we head out. We have rented our house for the month, so we’ve got to put away the things we don’t want folks to meddle with. We still need to actually pack–items are strewn around the house that need to go into our backpacks, and we’ve got to gather them up and pack them. We need to get some cash, pack our wallets with the correct credit cards, make copies of our passports and put the copies up on our virtual drives, call our parents and siblings to give virtual kisses, and call the Lyft to pick us up. After having a to do list with over 100 items, it’s funny to see just 5 or 6.

Alas, I hope you’ll follow along. I’ll be blogging when I can and posting pictures as well. Please click the follow button so you won’t miss a post. And you can ask questions too! Bon Voyage! It’s time to go big.


  1. eatwal5_wp

    Thanks everyone! I promise to blog until you're bored!

  2. Tina

    Oooooh My Dog!!!! We are sooo excited to follow your travels!!! We love you!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! Love You, Ryan, Tina, Jake, Elvis and Buster B. xoxoxxoxoxo

  3. Nicole Young

    i cannot WAIT to hear and see all about it!



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