9 Creeks Loop Is LIVE

9 Creeks Loop Invites You Getting a chance to walk in my beloved Denver in good conditions on an award-winning trail system must be the luck of a lottery-ticket draw. I can’t believe Denver has such a wonderful treasure right under our noses, and so many have yet discovered this amazing 9 Creeks Loop. I… Continue Reading 9 Creeks Loop Is LIVE

9 Creeks Loop Overview

9 Creeks Loop Overview Reconnaissance Today I set out on my reconnaissance walk of the 9 Creeks Loop in Denver. My goal is to review it from the eyes of someone coming to Denver on a walking vacation. Where are the facilities? Hotels? Restaurants? Is it safe? Enjoyable? What is there to do along the… Continue Reading 9 Creeks Loop Overview

Wallaroo Hats Product Review

The Best Hat Ever Wallaroo Hats has made the best hat ever for active women with pony tail hair. I have worn my Wallaroo around the world while hiking and walking the world’s adventures. Here’s my product review of the Wallaroo Reversible Resort hat. Thick Hair Matters I think I have the thickest hair ever… Continue Reading Wallaroo Hats Product Review