5 Denver Walking Books

5 Must-Read Books for Walking in Denver If you walk in Denver, or you’re thinking about walking in Denver, here are five must-read books for Denver walkers. I have read all of these books. Numbers one and four are my favorites, and all of them are very good. Even if you don’t walk, they are… Continue Reading 5 Denver Walking Books

Secret to Daily Exercise

Walking is an attitude, not a destination. I talk with people about walking every day, and I often hear them say things like, “I need to get out and walk.” “I need to walk more.” When I hear these comments, I scratch my head. I think to myself, “Aren’t you already walking every day?” Walking… Continue Reading Secret to Daily Exercise

Romantic Walk in Denver

Valentine’s Day came and went, but it didn’t pass without a Romantic Walk in Denver. With 65 degree skies, we headed out on a romantic 2.5 mile through Denver’s most romantic spots. Here’s where we went. Daniels & Fisher Tower Nothing says romance like great views and the ticking of time. The Daniels & Fisher… Continue Reading Romantic Walk in Denver

Fall in Love, I Dare You.

Walk to Fall in Love Walking will make you fall in love. I promise. Or, it will make you remember why you fell in love in the first place.By walking, you can fall in love, I dare you. Science Proves Walking Creates Love Whenever you walk, you get the chance to simply connect. Whether it’s… Continue Reading Fall in Love, I Dare You.