Country Club Urban Hiking Denver

Elegant Country Club With a name like Country Club, our expectations for walking this Denver neighborhood were pretty high. We weren’t disappointed. With several historic districts shaped within the official Country Club boundary from 8th Ave to Alameda, Downing to University, every corner drips with its own unique blend of understated posh. Here’s the story… Continue Reading Country Club Urban Hiking Denver

Hale Urban Hiking Denver

Surprising Hale I expected Hale to be like its neighbors to the west and east, Congress Park and Montclair–full of bungalows and not much else. But walking through Hale came with several surprises, and I think being on the more fun end of Colfax has its influence. Here’s our urban hiking adventure. Starting with a… Continue Reading Hale Urban Hiking Denver

Globeville Urban Hiking Denver

A River Runs through It…Globeville In Denver, Globeville is known for many things, most of which neighborhoods might not brag about. But on our walk through this crossroad-ed neighborhood, we found nothing but fun, unique, interesting ways to view Globeville as an urban hiking adventure. Take a look. Let’s Start with the Platte River Trail… Continue Reading Globeville Urban Hiking Denver