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The Denver Regional Trail System has hundreds of miles of trails covering many counties and areas of Colorado's Front Range. The 9 Creeks Loop traverses four of Denver's Regional Trails, including the Sand Creek Trail, the High Line Canal, the Cherry Creek Trail, and the Platte River Trail. Drawing a nice circumference around the city of Denver, this 41-mile loop passes through urban, suburban, creek, woods, and commercial areas, offering many views of Denver's 9 Creeks area. While enjoying this loop as a walker, you'll pass through the watersheds of First Creek, Second Creek, Sand Creek, Lee Gulch, Cherry Creek, Dry Creek, Toll Gate Creek, High Line Canal, and Platte River.

Read the Blog about the walk, one segment at a time.

Fact Finding

In July, and I walked the Loop every night. See the video here, or read the blog here! See the 9 Creeks geography by clicking here. The loop includes portions of the following trails: Sand Creek Greenway, High Line Canal, Cherry Creek Trail, and South Platte River Trail.

The Loop

Most of the Loop is concrete sidewalk. At some places it is crusher fine, while others it's a bit of asphalt. There are several sections under construction due to flooding or street realignment. Additionally, there are a few breaks in the trail which require a bit of creative searching to follow.


41 miles around Denver. Are you ready? Click here for a map of the actual route.

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Wildlife lives along the Loop. We've seen hawks, eagles, foxes, beavers, deer, prairie dogs, horses, cattle, and even coyotes. If you adventure off one of the spurs, you might even see bison!

A Good Urban Hike

The 9 Creeks Loop joins together an adventure for those seeking an urban hike in Denver. With mountain views, creek crossings, river sidewalks, and urban flavor, this walk gives a 360 degree experience of Colorado.





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