86-year-old Athlete Takes 1st Place at Bolder Boulder

86 Friends on Her 86th BolderBoulder Birthday

bolder boulder

All Betty Payte wanted for her birthday was for 86 friends to walk the Bolder Boulder with her.

“Happy Birthday, Betty!”

Not only did she get that, but she also got hundreds of birthday wishes, several “Happy Birthday” serenades, and she took 1st place in her division.

bolder boulder

From Race Walker to Walking Movement Leader

Not bad for this race walker turned race walk trainer turned walking movement leader.

bolder boulder

Betty has been walking her entire life. She’s left a trail…and all of those she’s met along the way now honor her, enjoy her and love her. Never without a smile on her face or a positive thing to say, Betty competed in the Bolder Boulder today.

On Your Marks

bolder boulder

We all met at the PD staging event, giving hugs and sharing high fives. It was a fun, friendly time until the shotgun signaled our start. Then Betty was off.

Like a bolt.

She left everyone who was younger than her in her wake. We scrambled to keep up with her blazing 17:00-minute pace, which she kept the entire way. Wearing a birthday hat and sash, people got out of her way.

This was serious business. She had a personal best to beat and a first place to grab. But along the way, the crowds cheered her. And sang to her. And yelled birthday wishes. In the meantime, this strategic walker took the inside corners of turns she knew well–this wasn’t her first Bolder Boulder.

First. Of Course.

bolder boulder

An amazing, gorgeous, 70-degree day welcomed Betty and her entourage. Without missing a beat, Betty put one race foot in front of the other, making the legs of her friends burn. 10 kilometers later, Betty lead the team, like she always does, across the finish line in record time.

Crossing the finish line, she just smiled and said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Happy birthday Betty. From all of us at Bolder Boulder, Walk2Connect, EatWalkLearn, Golden Walks, Boulder Walks, ATX_Walks, and hundreds of your friends, we couldn’t agree more.

*If you’d like to walk with this amazing octogenarian, join her on any of her Golden Walks in Golden, CO. You can find the schedule at www.walk2connect.com/events.

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